A Guide to Modern Plumbing Materials

There’s no denying that even the Minoan Palace of Knossos had terra cotta piping with marble and gold faucets back in the ancient era. Plumbing equipment has existed for a long time and has come a long way from what it used to be. From metallic pipes to two-handled faucets, much has changed in the materials used in the plumbing industry today. Let’s have a look at some modern plumbing materials we use today.

1.     Hydro-Jets

A hydro-jetting machine is used to spray high-pressure water in pipelines to unclog them. With a capacity of more than 800 bar per liter, hydro-jets are frequently used to clean pipelines of debris, contamination and hardened dirt. While plumbing rods rinse the piping of larger chunks of debris, a hydro-jetting machine rinses your plumbing pipelines thoroughly. Modern plumbing materials could be hard to manage. You should only contact licensed, certified plumbers to assist you with your plumbing queries.

2.     Borescope

Borescopes are cameras used for the inspection of narrow cavities. Your sewerage drains are not easy to inspect without these high-functioning cameras. A borescope also helps in determining the clogging your drains might be facing. The hassle is worth it if you let an expert plumbing service have a go! Our sewer inspection services also include using an advanced camera for sewer inspection.

3.     Copper Tube Benders

Piping plumbing fixtures is not an easy deal. With the replacement of lead piping with safer copper piping, bending copper rods for plumbing is a must! Electric and hand tube benders allow plumbers to give a copper pipe any configuration they like. You will have to connect with a plumbing service in Delray Beach, FL, to know if they have modern plumbing equipment. You can also check for possible discounts most plumbing services offer.

With technology gaining pace day by day, newer plumbing equipment is opening the doors to more reliable, safer plumbing options.

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