4 Plumbing Issues and Solutions to Consider

House Drain Pipe on Concrete Wall

It is estimated that the typical residential leak wastes 9,400 gallons of water each year. Plumbing issues that go unchecked require costly plumbing repair and come back to bother you when you most need water.

So, don’t allow a plumbing problem to ruin your day; instead, plan ahead of time and avoid it from happening.

1. Toilets and Drains Blockage

Toilets and drain blockage are among the most typical troubles. If the water in your shower, sink, or bathtub does not drain, you have a blocked drain. That’s a little different for toilets; when you flush, the water overflows.

Most issues are simple to resolve on your own, but hiring specialists is sometimes the quickest and easiest alternative.


Try to unclog the drain with a plunger. This is one of the simplest methods for removing the little deposit or cause of blockage in your drains.

2. Dripping Pipes or Faucets

We’ve all encountered this issue at some time in our lives. Dripping taps not only wastes water but may also be a bother.

Typically, the problem is caused by old or damaged O-rings or washers. Dripping can also be caused by corrosion or faulty installation of the faucet.


Changing the washer in your faucet and tightening the loose bolts with a wrench will almost certainly solve the problem.

However, installing new pipes and joints may be necessary if rust or corrosion is present.

3. Low Water Pressure

The source of unpleasant showering and doing the dishes with low water pressure is something many people want to get fixed right away.

The most common cause of low water pressure is mineral or debris buildup in the pipelines. However, this plumbing issue can also be an indication of more serious concerns such as concealed water leaks, clogged sewage lines, and rust in pipelines.


You will need to hire a professional plumber to check the main reason behind the low water pressure and fix it completely.

4. Running Toilet

Running toilets are inconvenient because they produce continuous sounds and wastewater. This is a frequent plumbing issue that happens when the flapper valve stops working.


It usually requires toilet repair kits, but if you are new to repairing toilets, it is advisable to consult the pros to avoid inflicting additional costly damage.

Plumbing problems generally occur when you least suspect them. It’s great to have a reliable local plumber on call 24/7. If you ever have an issue with a clogged drain or overflowing water, you want someone quick, skilled, and professional.

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Why You Need To Descale Your Hot Water Tank

Water heater and kitchen appliances

Every two years, you should descale your system. Dissolved solids like sediments, minerals and lime scales are left behind when you heat water. This builds up in your water heater with time, resulting in decreased performance and circulation. It may even end up causing your tank water heater to overheat, necessitating the services of an urgent plumber for possibly expensive repairs.

You’ll need a water heater servicing that includes limescale removal to maintain your water heater functioning.

Here’s what goes wrong if you neglect this crucial aspect of water heater upkeep.

Your Water Heater is Costing You More

When limescale builds up at the water tank bottom, the water heater takes more time to operate, and you’ll have to wait even longer for hot water.

If your power bill rises, especially during peak cooling and heating season, it’s a sign that your water heater needs servicing.

You’ll also notice trouble with the heating source since your water heater needs to work harder. 

You Are Experiencing Strange Noises from Your Heater

The first clue you will need to descale your hot water tank is the noise it produces. When a coating of sediments and limescale thickens enough, it may produce a variety of noises.

A rumbling sound may indicate the presence of sediments since the hot water passes through the sediments making a rumbling sound. When loose material settles at the tank bottom, it traps bubbles, which then burst and make a popping sound.

If your water heater is making a lot of noise, it’s time to descale it. Otherwise, your device might become damaged. The sounds will usually stop, but it does not indicate the problem is fixed. It’s a sign that the scaling on the tank’s inside has hardened to the extent where the water can’t filter through it anymore.

You’ll Still Be Short On Hot Water

Limescale reduces heat transmission into the water tank, limiting the quantity and temperature of hot water. This causes insufficient hot water from the tank.

Fortunately, descaling a water tank heater may solve this problem and improve heating performance.

Descaling Will Make Your Hot Water Tank Last Longer

The greatest approach to prolong the life of your hot water tanks is to descale them. Excessive scale building causes the electrodes to fail early, reducing the amount of hot water available.

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Is there an odd noise coming from your hot water tank? Water heater repair or maintenance is an important aspect of owning a heater, and we can help you get the most out of your plumbing needs.

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Does Your Plumbing Need To Be Repaired After A Flood?

Street filled with flood water

If your house has been flooded, there may be concealed plumbing damage that you won’t see unless a qualified plumbing contractor inspects your property thoroughly.

The following are some of the most prevalent post-flood plumbing issues:

Drains Get Clogged

Flood water normally contains some debris or sediment, which might damage the plumbing system if the drains are flooded. A buildup of debris or sediments in a drain might block it, but it can typically be unclogged using a drain cleaner or plunger.

Damage to the House Foundation

Flooding can cause serious damage to the foundation of a house. The pressure of rushing water on a house and the saturated mud below it might cause the foundation to shift, putting the plumbing system at risk. Plumbing can fracture, deteriorate, or become removed with time. Before any plumbing can be rebuilt, the foundation must be fixed if it has shifted or collapsed.

Underground Plumbing Damage

When there is severe flooding and stagnant water for an extended length of time, your underground plumbing might be damaged. Because of the immense weight created by the water and wet mud, underground water and sewer pipes may have been damaged. Examine the property for evidence of sinkholes or uneven patches after the water has drained.

Exposed Pipes Damaged

If your plumbing fittings have been damaged by dirt, the connecting pipes are likely to have been harmed as well. When the floodwaters have cleared from your property, keep an eye out for freshwater behind exposed plumbing. If you see damage to the pipes, turn off the connected fixtures quickly and contact a plumber.

Damage to Plumbing Fixtures

Outdoor and indoor fixtures that the flood has damaged will almost certainly need to be changed. The best part is that most fixtures are low-cost and simple to install. What happens to fixtures that aren’t damaged but have been immersed in water for an extended length of time is a major problem. To remove any sediment and avoid mold from growing, the indoor fixtures will need to be disassembled and cleaned with bleach. Outdoor fixtures will require the same level of care.

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