3 Warning Signs That Point to a Main Sewer Line Blockage


No one likes a malfunctioning sewer system. Fortunately, the situation can be avoided to a certain extent, if you don’t make common mistakes such as pouring grease down the drain or disposing of hard objects via the drain pipe.

Most importantly, preventative maintenance saves you from the trouble of dealing with clogged lines. If you’re looking to catch your sewer line issue before its too late, here are three warning signs you should look out for:

Multiple clogged drains

Clogged drains are common and can be quickly fixed in most instances. However, when the problem persists, it’s a red flag that something’s wrong with the main sewer line system.

Moreover, if the clogging issues occur in multiple drains, there’s a high probability that the main sewer line is obstructed. The problem can be as simple as a simple blockage or a slightly complex build-up of mineral and sediments.

Slow draining of bathtubs, sinks, and toilets

When the main sewer line is blocked, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets drain at a snail’s pace. For instance, if your sink overflows every time you run the washing machine, it’s a sign that the main sewer line needs an inspection.

Moreover, if you hear gurgling noises from the drainage system, it’s likely that tree roots have caused damage to the mainline. The older the house, the more the chances of these problems occurring.


Your Lawn Starts to Change

Typically, the main sewer lines extend through the front lawn of your property and are connected to the area’s sewage system. Hence, if there’s an indentation on your lawn or soggy patches of grass, the chances are that your main sewer line is broken, which led to an accumulation of debris and sediment build-up.

While there can be other reasons that cause these problems, it’s better to get your line inspected before it gets completely blocked.

Final words

The aforementioned signs indicate problems in the main sewer line of your home. If plunging or using drain cleaners fixes the problem, that’s great! But if these problems occur from time to time, it’s better to hire a professional plumber and get the mainline inspected

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