3 Ways Proper Sanitation Impacts Your Health & the Environment


Ever since the development of proper sewage systems by the Roman Empire, concerns about sanitation and environment have reduced considerably. And the modern plumbing system has only improved on the issues of sanitation.

Plumbing systems have not only revolutionized our households, but they also have a positive impact on our environment. Efficient sanitation systems allow the proper disposal of 2 million tons of sewage that’s produced by the world’s population on a daily basis. If it weren’t for our plumbing systems, there would be no way for us to access clean and freshwater.

There are several aspects of sustainable plumbing systems that allow us to maintain sanitary conditions and help us avoid unwanted diseases and bacteria. Let’s have a look at the effects of this system on our well-being and environment.

Removes Sewage:

Sewage water is highly contaminated and contains harmful bacteria and human waste. If it’s not disposed of and treated properly, it poses a serious threat to our health as well as the environment. It can pollute our natural resources and lead to fatal diseases.


A well-maintained plumbing system avoids all these risks by treating domestic and industrial sewage. It makes sure that all the contaminated water is collected at the same place and disposed of in the best possible manner. This includes high-quality pipes to avoid flooding and frequent damages.

Provides Clean Water:

Contaminated water is poison for human beings. Every year, 485 000 diarrheal deaths occur due to polluted water, according to the WHO. So, it might be possible to spend your life without love, but it’s impossible to do so without an adequate water supply.


Nations with strong plumbing and sanitation systems are able to provide clean water supply to their population, reducing the risk of fatal diseases. The water is first treated to eliminate pathogens and then sent to each household through the water pipelines. This ensures maximum protection against waterborne diseases.


Can you imagine this world in a never-ending flood of polluted water? That’s how life without proper sanitation systems would be. The contaminated water from sewage can cause eutrophication, which disturbs the quantity of naturally occurring chemicals in the environment.

This effect can lead to the excessive production of algae, fungi and other harmful bacteria. The overpopulation of harmful microorganisms affects not only humans but also damages plant, aquatic life and wildlife. Therefore, if you have a proper sanitation system in your area, consider it a blessing.

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