3 Ways to Tell You Need To Replace Your Water Heater ASAP


You get back home with your muscles taut and feet hurting—all you want right now is to probably take a nice warm shower to relax your muscles…

You step into the shower only to chillingly realize your water heater has given up!

Not so pretty, is it? Well we all know, at some point your water heater will have to go.

But when? Here are some signs:

If Your Water Heating System Is Leaking

If the leakage occurs from the pressure relief valve, you can have your professional service mend the valve. But if the leakage occurs from the system itself, it’s a sure sign your system requires to be replaced.

Leakage means your system has deteriorated. Over time, corrosion has occurred. It is best not to try to mend it, as the situation will continue to get worse. Replacing the system is the best way to ensure the safety of your home, family and your belongings.

Frequent Repairs

If your system is demanding frequent repairs—the pilot light keeps going out and needs to be fixed; heating element demands attention. After all the repairs, you’re still getting lukewarm water which runs out soon enough.

It’s giving you a simple message: You need a new water heater system.

Rust Colored Hot Water

professional-for-preventive-measures-or-repairsIf you are getting rust colored hot water, it is a clear indication you need to replace your water heater. It happens when the rust forms inside the water tank, which means it’s deteriorating.

But if you are getting rusted color water from both hot and cold taps it could be caused due to rusted pipes. Thus, before you replace your water heater, be sure the problem really lies with the heater.

Hire a Professional for Preventive Measures or Repairs

Replacing a water heater means busting plenty of bucks. In order to prolong the life of water heater, keep a regular check and repair it when necessary.

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