5 Ways a Water Leak can Damage Your Home


A good reason to call for professional plumbing services apart from installations and drain work is for the purpose of water leak detection or leak repair. Water leaks and seepage can occur for numerous reasons. Some of these include clogged lines, damaged pipe seals and problems with the water pressure.

Regardless of why they occur, water leaks can do a fair bit of damage within the home.

5 Ways A Water Leak Can Damage Your Home

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to address some of the ways in which a water leak can damage your home.

Wall paint

One of the most annoying, but possibly the least hazardous damage that a water leak within the home can do is to make a mess of your wall paint or wall paper. A water leak within one of the pipes would likely result in seepage through the walls. Wood or concrete, it doesn’t matter. Sooner or later, you’re going to see your paint chip and your wall paper crumple and peal of. Sadly this is just the beginning of your problems.

Wood and Metal

If part of your home is constructed using wood, you do know what water does to wood don’t you? Water causes wood to swell and become soft. Water damage also changes the color of the wood over a period of time and can really do a number on your floorboards and walls.

Similarly, water seepage and leaks result in the rusting and decay of metal structures and objects around the home.

Moss and Fungus

Over a period of time, water leaks can result in constant dampness around the walls and areas where leaks are occurring. This results in the growth of fungus and moss. These though usually just extremely unpleasant to look at, can often become a real health hazard. This is especially so with certain strains of fungi.

Puddles and Carpet Damage

Extended leaking and seepage can result in a serious puddle problem. Even if your home is carpeted, the dampness will cause the entire place to smell extremely unpleasant. Further, you don’t want a consistently wet carpet do you?


Now we’re really getting serious. If you have electrical appliances and wiring in the home which you likely do, you need to be extremely careful. Water leaks near wiring and appliances can cause short circuits. Short circuits can result in home fires. These are fatal especially if they are sparked near and about a gas main. As you well know, your kitchen is a place where your water, gas and electrical infrastructure closely intersects! In such a case, forget home damage, a water leak could prove fatal!



If you suspect there is a leak within your home, it makes sense to call in a professional plumber to run a leak detection followed by a repair. This way you save yourself a lot of stress that could potentially result from the leak going unchecked and unfixed. If you’re looking for plumbing contractor Parkland FL or Boca Raton, Florida, we’ve got you covered! Check out our services or give us a shout for more info and keep that water or leak damage from becoming a real hassle!

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