7 Tips for a Clog-free Drain


You’re hosting a Christmas dinner! The food is prepared and your dining room is all set. But as you enter the kitchen, you’re greeted with a foul odor! Where did that come from?

No matter how many fresh fragrances you use, the smell just won’t go away. That’s because the problem lies in your drain line.

Here are a few tips to maintain a clog-free drain:

1. Avoid Grease

Avoid dumping foods that contain oil and grease into the drain. Fats congeal over time and trap other food items by obstructing drainpipes. This creates clogging, which leads to over flooding. Store the grease in a separate jar to discard later.

2. Use a Sieve

Place a sieve to prevent hair, debris, and other peelings from going into the drain. It’ll separate out the solid waste to prevent clogging. You can discard this waste separately in a bin.

3. Avoid Coffee Grounds


Coffee grounds don’t dissolve in water and choke the drainpipes by creating clusters. Place a coffee filter in your kitchen drain to separate grounds. Spread these grounds in your garden instead of dumping them in your drain. Coffee grounds serve as an insect repellant. They also serve as a fertilizer by providing desired nutrients to plants.

4. Treat Minor Clogs

Pour a few tablespoons of baking soda and hot water into the sink. This helps remove small clogs. If the problem persists, it might be an indication of a bigger issue in your drain line. Call a plumber for inspection.

5. Maintain your Bathrooms


Soap scum and hair stick to stoppers, resulting in a fettered drain of water. Clean the drain stoppers in your tub and sink daily to avoid clogging.

Never flush diapers and female sanitary products in toilets. This can choke the sewer system and cause over flooding.

A flooded bathroom gives easy passage to insects and bacteria. Maintain your bathroom drains on regular basis to ensure the health of your family.

6. Flush Toilets

Low-flow faucets and toilets save your water bill. But they’re not able to clear out the drain. Low water flow doesn’t carry away the debris, allowing it to stick to your drainpipes.

Occasionally flush your toilet with large buckets of water to clear out your drains. Pouring hot water down the drain is another effective way to clean drains.

7. Plastic Stickers should end up in Trash cans

Plastic isn’t soluble in water. Kitchenware and crockery come with tags, which drop in the sink during washing. This chokes the drainpipe, restricting the flow.

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