A Basic Guide to Different Types of Water Faucets


Muffins in your dream. You are chasing them around with handful hands…

Tip, tip, tip….


And finally, you get your hands on another muffin.

Tip, tip, tip…

Aargh, the bubble bursts. You’re up.

By a sound as annoying as any. It’s coming from your bathroom. You open the door.

A leaky faucet awaits…

“I’ll get it replaced in the morning” – you make a promise to yourself.

Next morning, you wake up and head straight to the store to buy a new faucet. When you reach there, you find faucets in all shapes and sizes. You want the one that is reliable and fits your needs. You look around and find a booklet lying on a shelve.

“A basic guide to different types of water faucets”

The First Page: Ball Faucet

It reads:

A single handle faucet, commonly installed in kitchens. These faucets are washerless. The handle comes mounted on a rounded ball and controls the opening and closing of the water faucet. By controlling the position of the ball, you can regulate the flow and temperature of the water supply. The faucet body of a ball faucet is a complex arrangement of many parts, comprising O-rings, rubber seals etc. Because of this complex arrangement, ball faucets are not as reliable as other washerless faucets available in the market.

The price is economical and the design is elegant. However, a question mark over its long-term reliability has put you in a state of confusion.

You decide to explore further.

The Second Page: Compression Faucet

It reads:

A double handed washer faucet. These water faucets are most commonly found in older homes. They have a separate handle for hot water and a separate handle for cold water.

Turning the handles, pushes the installed washers against a valve seat, which in turn helps to regulate flow of water. They are available in many designs and are the least expensive option available in the market.

It is easy to use and easy to maintain. But, these types of water faucets are most susceptible to leaks.

Let’s carry on reading.

The Third Page: Cartridge Faucet

It reads:

A cartridge water faucet is available in single handle configurations as well as in double handle configurations.

It comes fitted with a stem cartridge that can move, and allows you to regulate temperature of the flowing water and its flow rate. In single handle configurations, you can regulate water flow by moving the cartridge up and down.

To regulate the temperature, you need to move the handle sideways. In double handle configurations, you have a separate cartridge seat for hot water and a separate one for cold water. These cartridges operate just like the handles of a compression faucet, but the action is far more consistent and convenient. A cartridge water faucet does not have a washer.

This option is far more reliable than a compression faucet or a ball faucet. However, it is slightly on the expensive side.

You turn over the page.

The Fourth Page: Disc Faucet

It reads:

They are the most recent development in the world of faucets. Equipped with a single handle, a disc faucet is a washerless faucet, that is operated by controlling the movement of two ceramic discs, installed at the bottom of its chamber.

One ceramic disc regulates hot water supply, while the other disc regulates the cold-water supply. They are reliable, made from high quality components and are least susceptible to leaks in comparison to all other options.

They are relatively expensive, but that’s the price you have to pay for a high-quality solution.

You review the specifications of each of the listed faucets again, assess which type of faucet fits the application and your budget, and then buy the one that ticks all the required boxes. You’ve now purchased a faucet and the next step is finding Boca Raton FL plumbers.

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