Things That Harm Your Aging Plumbing System


Over the years, with the advancement in technology, plumbing systems have become more efficient. Water-saving technologies, filtration systems, and new plumbing materials have changed the face of plumbing.

Older plumbing systems are prone to repairs and can get damaged easily if not taken care of. Here are a few things that harm to aging plumbing systems:

Tree roots

If your house has trees around it, you need to be aware of their proximity to your house. Trees with invasive roots can often make their way to water pipes, at times breaking through. This can lead to clogging, pipe breakage, and sewer backups too. Schedule a plumbing service to inspect the pipes of your home with the help of their special cameras.


Old homes tend to have cast iron pipes. Iron is prone to rusting since it doesn’t react well with moisture. Rusted pipes cause serious health concerns since it affects the quality of water being supplied to all parts of the home.

Rust also weakens the pipe system of a home. Moisture-related damage is common with rusted or old plumbing pipes.

Rusted pipes easily develop leaks as well which require attention by a professional.

Mineral Build-up

A common concern with those living in older homes is that they experience lower water pressure in the faucets. There can be many reasons behind this, but when it comes to older plumbing systems, often mineral deposits start obstructing the flow of water.

Calcium buildup is common with areas supplied with “hard water”. Well water is known to have higher mineral levels. Water softening systems can be installed in homes to improve the quality of water supplied to the house.

Outdated fixtures and connections

outdated-fixtures-and-connectionsOlder homes usually have old fittings and fixtures which are outdated and probably at the end of their lifespan. Hard water corrosion, daily wear and tear, and other factors can make these fixtures brittle, leading to breakage and leaks. You’ll end up spending a considerable amount of money regularly fixing these problems.

Sewer backups

Most homeowners tend to forget about the health of their home’s sewer line. Often the sewer line is buried away at the back of the home, underground. Problems with the sewer only become apparent when the foul odor begins to reek inside the home.

Sewer lines are constantly used by the plumbing system of a home. The older the home, they more outdated the sewage system is. These systems were built before the modem garbage disposal systems and dishwashers. These systems are created to push more water through them, making them susceptible to failure.

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