Everything You Need To Know About Water Heater Explosion


Having hot water pouring through the shower as you turn the faucet is a blessing on its own. Water heaters, therefore, are the necessity of every household as the temperature drops. However, these water heaters can turn into time bombs if proper care is not given.

Here is everything you ought to know about water heaters to prevent them from exploding. » Read more

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Smart Ways You Can Save Up On Water Bills


Letting the tap water run while you brush your teeth or shave can result in a loss of nearly 5,700 gallons of water per year. Our routine activities involve a large amount of water wastage. Increased population growth coupled with depleting levels of clean water has not only resulted in rising water bills but also opens to door to a possible water crisis in the future. » Read more

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Confused About Which Water Heating System To Get For Your Home?

Manually Getting Rid of the Clogs

Selecting the perfect water heating system for your home that perfectly suits your needs can be a hassle these days, what with all the hundreds of different models and makes of waters heaters on the market.

It is easy to understand how it can confuse someone who is not informed on the matter. Are you one of them? » Read more

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