Choosing the Best Water Heater for Your Home


It’s an usually chilly morning and you’re getting ready for work. You take out your outfit and head to the shower. As soon as you turn on the shower, the cold water drops on your head. You immediately turn it off and go blank for a second. You realize that it’s the water heater that’s not working again.

If your water heater stops working frequently, here’s a guide to help you buy the best water heater.

Decide the type of water heater you want

There are three major types of water heaters: storage tanks, tankless water heaters, and solar water heaters. Storage tanks are the most common type of water heaters in the U.S. and have a capacity of 40 to 60 gallons.

As the name suggests, tankless water heaters don’t have a tank, so they’re compact in size and heat water only when you need it so they never run short of hot water. They’re more expensive than traditional water heaters but have a longer life. Solar water heaters use sunlight to heat water and can be easily installed on your roof. They’re cost-effective and can work in any climate.

Decide the fuel source

There are different fuel sources for water heaters; for example, there are electric heaters, hybrid or heat pump, and gas or propane water heaters so your choice depends on your needs and preference. For example, the electric water heaters are less expensive and can store more than 100 gallons but are least energy-efficient. Gas water heaters are more fuel-efficient but need an open space to be installed. The heat pump water heaters are larger in size, more expensive, but more energy-efficient.

Consider the water heater’s capacity


The capacity of the water heater is another factor that you should consider. Water heaters have varying water capacities and you should choose one based on the number of people in your home and the amount of hot water you use. For example, if you have children in your home, it’s highly likely that the laundry needs of your household are more than a couple of clothing items. If you have only two people in your home, a water heater with a capacity of 30 to 40 gallons should be enough. But if you’re a family of 4 or more, you’ll need a capacity of more than 100 gallons.


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