Common Symptoms of a Blocked Sewage Pipe


As the name suggests, a blocked sewage pipe refers to a foreign object making its way into your home’s sewage system and clogging it.

It can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you’ve recently moved into your new home and are busy with renovations.

But plumbing problems like these are commonplace. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any solutions. First, you need to identify whether you actually have a blocked sewage pipe or another problem.

Here’s how you can be sure:

Unexplained Toilet Clogs

You’ve recently gotten the toilet remodeled so there shouldn’t be any problems, right? Well, wrong. An unexplained toilet clog can be frustrating to deal with.

One way to tell if your sewage pipe is blocked is to flush. If the bowl is clear but the flush isn’t working, chances are, your sewage pipe has been clogged.

Foul Smell in the Bathroom

There’s a nasty smell coming from the bathroom and you can’t seem to pinpoint its location. It’s not coming from the sink but from near the commode.

If it doesn’t clear within a day or two, chances are, your sewage pipeline has been clogged.

Flooding in Your Yard

When your sewage pipes get blocked, another problem that occurs is flooding. Because the sewage water has nowhere else to go, it can cause rupture to the pipeline, resulting in flooding. Since the pipelines are based near your yard, chances of it flooding your yard are pretty high.

Gurgling Drains

This is one of the major signs of sewage blockage. If there are unexplained gurgling sounds coming from the toilet, despite the fact that you’ve recently remodeled your bathroom, it’s time to get your sewage pipelines checked.

Chances are that there is either something blocking the flow, or there’s a minor leak that is causing the sounds.

However, check to see if the sounds stop within a couple of days. If they don’t stop within 3 days, then it’s time to call a plumbing service.

A professional plumbing service can help you identify the problem and detect leaks or pipe ruptures.

Professionals have the skills, experience and the tools to get to the bottom of the problem.

Do not attempt to fix problems by yourself. Do not attempt to fix this problem by yourself; instead, hire professional plumbers in Deerfield Beach FL to do it for you.

If the problem is a complicated one, it is a good idea to call a plumber to take a look and fix the problem. A plumber will be able to get to the root of the cause. Call Your 1 Plumber for water leak detection and drain cleaning today.

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