Common Symptoms of a Blocked Sewage Pipe


You may be working extremely hard to keep your bathroom and kitchen drains clean. But do you know that clogs can occur anywhere in your plumbing?

Often difficult to identify, these clogs can easily wreak havoc on your property as the damage worsens over time.

It is important for homeowners to detect symptoms of a blocked sewage pipe early to be able to fix the issue without investing significant effort and cost. A blocked sewage pipe poses serious health threats too.

More than 120 different types of viruses are found in human urine, feces and sewage damage which can lead their way back through blocked sewage pipes.

Here are a few common symptoms of a blocked sewage pipe that homeowners must identify before time.

Overflowing toilets and sink backups

A blocked sewage pipe affects a number of fixtures in your house. So, if at any point in time you find your toilets or washing machine overflowing, or experience slow draining bathtubs and sinks, you know that you have got blockage in your main sewage pipe. Immediately contact a professional plumber in Delray Beach.

Don’t forget to check your toilet bowl for water level rising above the normal water line!

Air trapped in the pipes

If there is a blockage or any other obstruction in your sewage pipe, you will witness the formation of air bubbles in your pipes. So, when your water pours down from the tap or goes down the drain, these air bubbles cause it to bubble.

Over grown trees

Having over grown trees in your yard can be one of the main reasons for a blocked sewage pipe. The long roots of these trees easily intrude into your plumbing restricting the flow of water. So while you love having large trees in your yard, their roots are busy creating a sewage pipe blockage.blocked-sewage-pipe

The smells

Undeniably, the most unpleasant sign of all – the smell! Foul and unbearable smells are a clear indication for blockage in your sewage pipe. Of course, if something has clogged the drain and begun to decompose, you will feel the smell around your house. This is the foremost symptom that you are going to come across. Do not ignore it.

If you find serious evidences of a blocked sewage pipe, and do not know how to address the issue yourself, it’s best that you book an appointment with a professional plumbing service such Your 1 Plumber.

They have the most experienced plumbers in Delray Beach, Florida. So, don’t let your sewage problem worsen; contact them now!

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