Everything There Is to Know About Drain Leaks


Leaks waste water as much as Lake Okeechobee’s capacity each year.

Some drain leaks are easier to fix than others. All of them however, are a pain. It is important to know the different types of drain leaks there are and the reasons why they occur.

· Plumping Drain Leaks

They usually show up where there is waste water and might go unnoticed if they appear in rarely used areas. Where the drain pipes are visible—like in your basement—plumbing drain leaks may appear quicker. The typical forms of minor leaks are a stain in the ceiling or wall or a mold.

· Sink Basin Leaks

There are many types of sink drains and all of them can experience leaks in case of improper installation and lose parts. That’s why it is extremely important to employ experienced plumbers who have the ability to expertly install drain pipes.



Nearly 6 billion gallons of water is wasted every day in the U.S due to water leaks. The most common culprits behind a leak are:

· Pipes That Get Corroded

Even the best copper piping can get corroded—especially if you live in Florida. A chemical reaction with chlorine and hydrogen sulfide and dissolved oxygen could be the culprit.  There could also just be a problem with the water quality or the fact that your pipes are simply getting old.

Drain leaks are only going to get worse with corroded pipes. It’s best to get that problem fixed by a professional plumber as soon as possible.

· Movement

In case you notice water stains on any of your home walls, it’s definitely time to call in a professional. After some time, your home may experience minor movements. This movement causes pipes to shift and move apart, resulting in leaks.

· Water Pressure

It is somewhat obvious that drastic water pressure changes can prove to be too much for your pipes.

If the pressure reaches above the normal range, pipes may easily crack and leak. A fluctuating water pressure is not a joke. A certified plumber should be able to see to that problem quickly and efficiently.

· Pesky Clogs

Anyone would attest to the fact that clogs are not fun at all. From getting your own hair stuck in the drain opening to one of your kids jamming a tiny Lego piece into it, clogs can happen for a number of reasons.

Clogs are one of the most commonly found causes of leaks. You can avoid costly repairs if you fix the problem immediately. Call in a licensed plumber who knows what he’s doing. Your1Plumber has a team of professionals that is skilled at their job and will get that drain unclogged in no time!

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