How to Properly Deal With Sewer Backups


When ample amounts of water flow into the sewer system, it can become flooded and cause great trouble for any structure that it services. One of the most common issues that homeowners have to face in such a situation is deal with sewer backups.

Sewer backups can occur in homes due to an overflowing septic system or clogging of the city’s sewer lines, among other reasons.

It can be extremely stressful for homeowners having to deal with sewer backups since it can cause great damage to their property, contaminate their drinking water and pose serious health and safety threats for the family.

Addressing the problem that is causing your sewer to backup can help you reduce the damage to your homes and keep yourself and your family safe from illnesses and diseases. So, to ensure proper and safe cleanup, here is what you should know about sewer backups and how to deal with them immediately.

1. Turn Off Your Gas And Electric Services

If a sewage backup occurs in your house, to make sure that all your other appliances stay safe and not get affected by it, it is important for you to ensure that your gas and electric services are turned off.

2. Using A Pump, Remove Water

Get rid of the water backing up using a pump or a vacuum.

Next, sort out all your belongings in that part of the house. Discard the things that have gotten dirty and those that are of no use anymore such as carpeting, books, cosmetics, and more.

Getting rid of these things at the earliest is important to prevent germs from spreading in your house.with-fresh-water-clean-the-area

With Fresh Water Clean The Area

Using your garden hose clean the affected area with fresh water. Remember to rinse and wash down the nearby walls to ensure that no backup stays on them.

Kill Bacteria

Using an effective cleaning solution and a mop, thoroughly clean and wipe down the floor.  After you are done, now is the time to get rid of the bacteria.

Mix clean water with bleach to create a solution. Then use this mixed solution with a scrub brush to clean the walls and floor. Open up the windows to let the odors escape and allow the affected parts to dry quickly.

Clean Yourself Up

plumbers-near-wellingtonAfter you are done with cleaning up the mess created by the sewer backup, take a hot water shower. Use an effective antibacterial soap, and avoid eating, drinking and smoking immediately after you’ve performed the cleaning process. Also don’t forget to getting your electric and gas services restored.

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