Let the Experts Handle It! Plumbing Problems That You Just Can’t DIY


When it comes to saving money, homeowners are always looking for quick fixes for common emergencies. With so many DIY tips available on the internet, some people consider themselves to be pros after watching a few YouTube tutorials. Basic home maintenance tasks are easy and even save you a couple of extra bucks. However, taking care of major plumbing issues yourself is never a good idea.

When talking about residential plumbing, having basic knowledge isn’t enough. Plumbing requires experience and in some cases, proper licenses after years of training. Major plumbing issues such as burst pipe or sewage line damage should only be handled by a professional. An amateur may make things worse and cause additional damage, thus increasing the repair cost.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, the following plumbing problems shouldn’t be repaired by homeowners at any cost.

Gas Line Damage:

Natural gas is famous for its explosive nature. It’s highly combustible and poses a serious risk of accidents. Therefore, if you suspect a gas leak in your house, turn off the main supply and call 911 or a professional to help you with the situation rather than scrutinizing the issue yourself. If the gas still leaks after shutting the main supply, it’s better to leave your home.


Gas pipelines are highly sensitive and prone to cause fatal incidents. A single mistake can lead to irreversible disaster. So, it’s better to leave it to the experts.

Main Sewer Line Damage:

Sewer lines are usually installed underground and require special tools to access them. This also requires a correct understanding of the plumbing network in order to find the affected pipe. Getting your hands on a sewer line also requires digging, which is illegal in many states without the permission of relevant authorities.


To save yourself the hassle, call a licensed professional to manage a sewer line issue and is able to take a digging permit if required.

Slab Leak:

Slabs leaks can be hard to detect as they’re hidden under the ground. It requires taking your flooring apart to treat the affected area. And even if you manage to access the leaking pipe yourself, there’s no guarantee that your repair will last long.

The best way to handle a slab leak is by calling plumbing services at your earliest. This will also avoid excessive damage to your flooring and save you from additional expenses in the future.

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