Let’s Talk Green Plumbing! Here’s All You Need to Know


With global warming becoming a serious concern in the past few years, a large number of people are adopting green practices, including green plumbing. Unfortunately, when people hear the term green plumbing, they usually associate it with a reduction in water usage, when, in fact, it pertains to so much more!

Green plumbing is used to reduce home energy costs, improve home health and cleanliness, and yes, it helps the environment by reducing water usage. To clear the confusion about green plumbing options, we’ve put together this brief guide discussing the most effective green plumbing strategies.

Tankless Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters have a tank attached in which they store and keep water heated. This consistent heating means they use power throughout the day. Also, the hot water they can supply is limited by the size of the tank.

Tankless water heaters solve the issues posed by traditional heaters as they only heat up and provide water as and when it’s needed meaning they aren’t constantly utilizing energy and are able to provide as much water as required.

They are much more durable as well, with some outlasting their tank water counterparts by decades! While there is some concern due to higher pricing, they more than make up for it with the cost saving provided in the long run.

Shower Systems

There are two options when it comes to shower systems – steam showers or low-flow showerheads. Steam showers eliminate water usage by a large amount, using a ridiculous 4 percent of the amount of water a shower would use in the same amount of time. And it’s just as effective as taking a bath or shower. The trade off is with increased power usage as the steam generator consumes electricity.

Low-flow shower heads come in two types; aerating and non-aerating. Both reduce water usage by manipulating the amount of water released from the head while maintaining pressure thereby creating the same feeling as when using a regular head.


Toilet Flush System

Almost a quarter of water used in the house is by means of the toilet. Dual-flush toilets reduce water consumption by having two options for flushing depending on the type of waste to flush (liquid or solid waste). Low-flush toilets are also an option, using less than half the amount of water used by conventional toilets.

Hopefully, this blog will have given you an idea about some of your options when it comes to green plumbing. So, are you ready to make the jump and do your part to save the environment? Then contact us or call us at 561-403-1500 for a consultation with some of the most highly experienced plumbing contractor wellington FL.

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