Myth-busting – 5 Common Plumbing Myths That Need To Be Debunked and Why DIY Isn’t Always A Good Idea


You have access to a treasure trove of DIYs and quick fixes online. These tips and tricks end up causing more damage to your plumbing.

Let’s debunk them all to save your fixtures, faucets and sinks from further damage.

Myth: Lemon a universal un-cloger

Fact: Many people toss a lemon down a garbage disposal to clean the disposal pipe. Lemon only removes the stench; it contributes little to internal cleaning. On the other hand, the thick skin of a lemon will damage your garbage disposal blade over time.

For a thorough cleanup, unplug the garbage disposal and use a cleaning agent. Once the chemical has settled inside the machine, use a sponge to clean the metal.

Myth: Leaks are not a big thing

Fact: Leaky faucets accounts for 1 trillion gallons of water waste in US.  Moreover, leaks add on to your water and electricity bill and damage your plumbing system. Detecting these leaks is essential to save pipes and fixture from irreparable damage. Get professional help immediately, and get leaks and drips fixed.

Myth: Everything and anything can be poured down the garbage disposal when the water is running

Fact: Your garbage disposal might have blades, but they can’t process everything and anything.

Foods like orange or melon have a hard exterior that can result in a clog. Dispose of them in a garbage can, or break them down into tiny-pieces before throwing them down the drain.

Myth: Save money by putting a brick in your toilet tank

Fact: Due to water accumulation, the brick will deteriorate over time and the pieces can damage the flappers or other fixtures in your toilet tank. To save water, fix leaks, wash clothes and dishes in smart batches, and limit your shower time.

Myth: As long as it flows, there is nothing to fear

Fact: You are under a common misconception, if you believe that a clog is the only sign of damage. If your sink is draining water at a frustrating speed, there might be something accumulated in the pipeline or waste disposal.


Foods like uncooked rice and pasta expand when exposed with water. Monitor the speed of your drain and call a professional for help.

Why DIY Plumbing Isn’t Always A Good Idea?

  • Pipelines can be damaged by inappropriate cleaning chemicals. There is also a high threat of damage due to spillage.
  • You might not have the essential tools to perform a long-lasting job.
  • Connecting wrong pipes can flood your home, which calls for expensive repairs.
  • You can worsen a leak, if you’re unable to contain the damage in one location.

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