Reasons Why a Slab Leak Is No Joke


Did you notice water seeping through your flooring out of nowhere? That’s the sign of a slab leak and it can destroy your tiles in no time if not addressed immediately.

A slab leak is like an invisible enemy that occurs underneath a concrete slab. There are several causes for this water or sewage leak—including poor installation or a broken pipe—and can result in serious damage and loss of water.

Around 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted nationwide every year due to simple household leaks. Therefore, it’s important to detect and repair a leak as soon as possible to avoid any serious harm to your property or the health of your loved ones.

Here are some major hazards that a slab leak can cause.

Ruin Your Flooring:

A single leak can damage the foundation of your home posing a serious threat to the integrity of your property. If the water rushes out of the leak with pressure, it can create cracks in your concrete floors or tiles. Not only does this increase your maintenance expenses, but it also decreases the value of your property. The structure of your house may collapse if the leak isn’t repaired in time.

Destroy Your Landscape:

A slab leak not only affects the interior but it can also damage the exterior of your home. If you see an unexpected wet spot in your garden, it’s probably the result of a slab leak beneath the ground.

Sometimes, a leaking or broken sewage pipe under your yard can wreak havoc. The wastewater from the broken sewer line penetrates into the soil, destroying your plants and grass and leaving a foul odor all over your landscape.

Dangerous For Health:

Who knew that a simple leak and some stagnant water can cause health risks? The water accumulated due to a leak encourages the growth of mold and mildew. The spores released by the mold can cause various respiratory disorders, allergies, skin conditions and trigger asthma. Water pools also provide suitable conditions for parasites like mosquitoes and fruit flies to breed, which can lead to harmful diseases like malaria and dengue.

Heavy On The Pocket:

The constant dripping of water from a minor leak can result in a significant rise in your water bill. In addition, if a leak is left untreated for long it can lead to a pipe burst, costing a fortune on the repair and replacement procedure. The damage to your property will require separate treatment, such as replacing your flooring or redesigning the landscape.

So, as soon as you detect the first few signs of a slab leak, schedule an appointment with a trusted plumber. Call one of our plumber in Boca Raton at 561-403-1500 for same day water leak detection and repair services in Boca Raton.

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