Saving Energy Cost With Hot Water Heaters

Water heating accounts for almost 12% of your energy bills. It takes the second place, right after space heating and cooling. To save on your utility bill, this is the right place to start cutting corners.

An efficient water heater will give you enough amount of hot water for your family, on a regular basis. It will also quickly heat up the incoming flow, ready to be used soon.

To further improve the efficiency and minimize energy consumption, you can make a few changes. Here’s what you can start with:

  • Lower the heating temperature on your water heater. Reduce it to 120°F for optimum cost-heating balance. Every 10°F reduction in temperature leads to 3% to 5% cost saving on heating water.
  • Install heat traps on the tank. This can help you save $15 to $30 on the heating bill. You can request our plumbing technicians for installation over the existing tank.  Some of the new storage type water heaters already include the heat traps.
  • Insulate the storage tank of the heater. This will help you trap heat energy and the water will remain hot for longer. However, be careful not to cover the thermostat of electric water heaters. For gas powered water heaters, don’t cover the thermostat, top or bottom of the heater, or the burner compartment. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Insulate a few feet of hot and cold water pipes that are connected to your water heater.
  • Get a timer installed that can turn off the electric water heater during nighttime or when it’s not in use. You can also turn the heater off during peak utility demand times, using the timer.
  • Invest in a new water heater. Instead of going with the conventional storage type heater, you can choose a more efficient option. Tankless and electric powered water heater options are taking over the residential market for a reason!

Ensuring that the water heater is functioning properly will also help lower energy costs. Try flushing out the sediment buildup (if present) to maximize output.

If the tank is leaking or corroded, get it repaired by calling our Boca Raton FL water heaters repair technicians. We can also help you pick a new model and replace your old one.

For repairs and new Deerfield Beach FL water heaters services and repairs, dial 561-403-1500. We’re offering $50 and $100 discounts on tank-type and tank less water heater replacements. Don’t forget to use the discount coupons!

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