Signs You Should Replace Your Plumbing


How many of you know the appropriate time to replace your plumbing? Truth be told, the majority of us don’t consider replacing our plumbing unless there’s irreparable damage or severe clogging.

Such delays can often lead to bigger damages and accidents in severe cases. Instead of waiting for your kitchen to flood, these are the few signs to look for that might tell you it’s time to replace your plumbing:

1. Leaks in Your Faucets

A leaky faucet isn’t only wasting water, but it’s also burning a hole in your pocket. The condition of your faucet decides whether it needs repair or replacement. If your current design is old and rusty, repairing would only waste your money. It’s better to replace the faucet in such a case to eliminate the problem permanently.

Besides, updating your faucets will give your kitchens and bathrooms a new look—and who doesn’t love change!

2. Gurgling Sounds

A gurgling sound in your drains is an indication of a backed-up sewer line. The sound can sometimes be due to constricted flow. If the drain in your basement backs up with an excess amount of water, it could be an indication of a major problem in your main sewer line.

3. Low Pressure


If your faucets are suffering from low water pressure, it can be a sign it’s time to replace your plumbing. If you’re experiencing low pressure, check your water heaters for malfunctioning. Low water pressure can also occur due to leakage in your pipelines. Rusty pipes also get clogged over time, reducing the water pressure.

4. Discolored Water

Discolored water is a concerning issue and should not be ignored as it can raise some serious health risks.

If the water in your faucets is red, orange, or yellow, it might be an indication of rust in your pipelines. Greenish blue water can be a sign of copper and brass residues. Black water coming from your faucets indicates the presence of mold growth in your pipes. In such a case, call a plumber immediately!

5. Bad Odors


If you’re noticing a smell of rotten meat in your bathrooms or kitchen, potpourri is not your answer! This odor might be due to drain clogging, preventing the water flow. The stagnant water, along with food and sewer waste, is the culprit behind your stinking kitchens.

Clogged drains also cause the water to pool up in your lawns, providing breeding grounds for molds, bacteria, mosquitoes, and insects. Not only does it impose health risks, but it can also damage the plants in your front yard.

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