The Importance of Drain Maintenance


It is not uncommon for people who own homes or commercial establishments to pay little heed to the drainage and sewage systems as a norm. The only times these are usually bought to one’s attention is when something is amiss or goes wrong. Following this, what one often requires is extensive repair work to counter whatever problem has arisen.

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to go over the importance of regular drain maintenance.

Why Drain Maintenance is Important

Drain maintenance is important for a number of reasons, however before we get into why this is so, we’re going to briefly go over what goes on in your drains!

Drain Clogging

Due to regular use your drain can often times get clogged. A clogged drain occurs due to foreign substances and objects that tend to get stuck within the drain during daily or regular use. Some of the foreign contaminants that have the potential to clog your drain include:



You might not realize it but you’re always losing strands of hair. The reason you don’t notice this is that hair that breaks off is usually replaced by new fresh strands. Further, hair you shave off your body and face ends up in your drains too. Hair tends to get entangled within drains. This in turn traps dirt making proper drainage next to impossible.


Cooking fat and grease also tends to stick to drains and drain pipes. This also hardens over time and like hair traps more dirt making drainage difficult.

Foreign Objects

Though no sensible person would deliberately stick foreign objects in the drain, accidents can happen. Toothpaste covers, hair pins and inexpensive jewelry can fall into drains soon to be forgotten. Of course these again, serve to trap dirt and cause blockages.

How Maintenance Helps

Drain maintenance ensures that your drainage is working well and as it should. It is extremely important for the following reasons.

Clog Prevention

The first way drain maintenance is helpful is that it prevents any potential clogging or drain blocking that could occur. This saves you the trouble of having to have septic work done in your space in case a drain is too clogged and overflows.

Pipe Safety

Blockages and a pressure build up due to the same can cause pipes to rupture and burst open. Regular drain maintenance ensures that your pipes are always working as they should. It also prevents sudden potentially troublesome pipe breakages.


Clogged and unclear drainage systems can work up quite a stench, especially when water passes through them. These can stink up not just your bathroom but a lot of the house as stench travels!


Unpleasant smells are often due to the presence of bacteria. Bearing this in mind, it must be clear that a clogged drain means contaminated air and poor air quality. You don’t want strange sewage related diseases contaminating your home air and space!

Damage Control and Safety

A bad overflowing drain or pipe does not just have the potential to damage your health. It can damage your home too. The growing of fungus, water damage to wood and paint as well as rusting are among some of the potential damages that may occur. This is not even mentioning possible short circuits and resulting fires!


It is always better to be safe as opposed to sorry. As you can see, regular drain maintenance can save you a lot of potential stress, worry and costs on damages. If you’re looking for a residential plumber in Parkland or Boca Raton Florida, you should check out the plumbing services that we offer and what we can do for you! Till then, keep those drains clear and stay safe!

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