Toilet Replacement – 6 Signs It’s Time To Get Your Toilet Replaced


A clogged toilet or a leak can become a major cause of frustration. You’ve procrastinated and put off the inevitable for a while now, but you know it’s time—do you? Here are 6 signs that can help determine whether your toilet needs replacement.

Frequent clogs

Clogged toilet can be a messy situation. If your toilet is experiencing random, yet recurring clogs, it’s time to replace it. Blockages are far too common in low-flush toilets. If the clogs become common more than once or twice a week, get it replaced.

Cracks in your toilet

If you notice puddles around your toilet seat look for cracks in the toilet’s porcelain structure. The water accumulated on the foot of your toilet can damage the flooring material and cause molds. Therefore, cracked toilets need instant replacement. Determining a crack can be a difficult thing, add dye in your toilet tank. If colored water is present on the bathroom floor, you have a cracked toilet.

Aged toilet

Things become obsolete with time. Toilets have seen quite a bit of advancement to improve lifestyle and reduce water wastage. Your current toilet maybe working fine, but by upgrading to a newer model, you can save water and money.

For example, toilets with dual-flush mechanism have the option of a low and high water-flush for liquid and solid waste.

Shaky structure

A wobbling toilet can be a sign of a small repair of really costly remodeling your bathroom. The structure of a toilet may wobble due to a loose screw, which can be easily tightened. On the other hand, the unsteadiness might be a sign of water damage beneath the toilet floor. Call a plumbing contractor immediately to replace your toilet and mitigate the damage.

Improper flushing

When your water bills are high, you need to reevaluate the choice of your toilet model.

3-5 gallons of water gushes down the drain when you flush a toilet. Make your toilet water-efficient by switching to a low-flush toilet.

It only uses about 2 gallons of water per flush. One small change can create a huge impact on your water bill.

Mineral deposit

Siphon tubes and inlet holes may be clogged with mineral deposits in areas with hard water. This keeps the water from flowing smoothly and reduces the functionality of your toilets. The mineral buildup can be removed; ask your plumber. But when the pipes and tubes have sustained too much damage due to mineral deposit, it’s time to change your toilet.


Toilet replacement may seem necessary for aesthetic reasons as well. So, if the color of your toilet is fading or it has sustained one too many scratches, get it replaced by an expert plumbing contractor Boca Raton FL, like Your 1 Plumber. Call now on our toll-free number for consultation and same-day services.

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