Water Heaters 101: How to Choose the Right Water Heater

During the frosty winter season, it can be difficult completing daily household chores or taking a bath without a water heater.

Not only do you need one to keep you warm, it also keeps you from catching the flu. But when water heaters stop working, it can become difficult for homeowners to manage.

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is, “Which brand should I invest in?” or, “Which water heater is better?”

The answer depends on the size of the house, its needs and other factors.

In reality, no water heater is better than another. This is because all manufacturers use the same process to build them. It’s possible that a well-known brand can sell you one that stops working after a few days. It all depends on the mechanics.

BUT there are a few factors to look into when purchasing one. Here a few to help you get started:


What’s the point in investing in a water heater that will only work for a couple of days? Finding one that is worth your money is essential. You want one that can provide you with long-term solutions. You do not want a temporary fix.

After winters, water heaters are not used. This can result in rust eating away at their mechanisms. Therefore, find one that does not rust during the summers so that you can easily use it during the winters.

 One that Fits the Bill and Meets Your Requirements

If your house is small, you don’t need a big water heater—you need one that meets your requirements. Secondly, it’s imperative to look into the type of water heater that you want.

Do you want one that is affordable? Do you want one with a specific design? It’s important to look into different brands before purchasing one.

Secondly, do not purchase one online. You need to be there in person to make the purchase. Therefore, take a good look at the design and see if any parts are missing. Often times online shopping platforms falsely advertise.

Take a Plumber with You

Plumbers are experts who are equipped with the knowledge of how different plumbing systems work. When going to purchase a water heater, take a plumber with you.

They will be able to detect any defects and tell you whether the heater the right one for you.

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