Why You Should be Wary of High Water Pressure

Many homeowners face problems with low water pressure. This is especially prevalent in apartments on the top floor. It is because water loses its pressure when it goes up vertically. In fact, for every one pound of pressure lost, the water has to climb up by two feet.

However, high water pressure can also prove to be problematic. While most homeowners long for it, it can do more damage than low pressure. It can affect the overall plumbing condition of your house.

The Effects of High Water Pressure

Since low water pressure is common, the effects of the vice versa aren’t as widely discussed. Perhaps, in order to effectively explain the consequences and risks of high water pressure, it’s better that you imagine driving your car. If you drive your car at a slow speed on the freeway, you risk being hit by another car. If you drive your car at a fast pace, you risk hitting others.

Therefore, getting your pipelines regularly checked by professional plumbing services every six months is important. When there is high pressure, the components of the pipeline are exposed to pressure levels they are not built for. Due to high pressure, there is a risk of pipes bursting.

Ruptured pipes lead to more expenses because the entire plumbing system has to be replaced.

Another problem that arises is water leaks and cracked toilet tanks. This is because the pressure of water can cause minor cracks in the tank and pipeline.  Furthermore, it leads to homeowners consuming more water because of the change in flow. This results in hydro costs rising.

How Do You Tell if the Pressure is Too High?

old-faucetThe simplest way is to open your shower’s faucet and shower head. Observe the flow of water and the sound. If there is an odd sound, it’s time to call a plumber to check.

Furthermore, if you live on the top floor of an apartment, the water company that provides water to your area must have increased the pressure. This is so that top floors can receive equal amounts of water pressure as the bottom ones.

What Can You Do About It?

Plumbing services can help guide you about what you can do. Sometimes the problem is fixable and pipelines need adjustment. Other times, water pressure regulators need to be normalized.

A plumber can provide you with the resources and advice to fix the problem. They also have specialized equipment and tools to check for deep-rooted problems that otherwise do not manifest themselves.

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