Why Your Home Has A Water Pressure Problem


You step into the shower, turn on the tap expecting a great supply of hot water. But instead all you get in return is an inadequate stream of water pour down over your body that leaves you disappointed—and at times shivering.

Yes, we have all been in this situation before. This is only one of the many inconveniences that low water pressure can cause for homeowners.

Water pressure problems in households can occur due to various reasons. One of the most common ones would be the simulatnaeous use of multiple plumbing fixtures, such as the garden hose, dishwasher and shower at the same time.

However, other broader plumbing problems that can also reduce the water pressure to your house. So, if the water pressure in your home is low, the foremost thing you should do is identify what is causing it to be low. Here’s a guide to help you out.

Home Valves

Home valves can sometimes get turned off partially or completely by accident. There are two main water valves that you need to check—one inside your home and the other outside.

It is important that you keep a check over both of them and make sure that they are always turned on for even if they are slightly off, they may cause a decrease in the water pressure.

water-leaksPressure Regulators

This bell-shaped device found beneath your home’s hose connection are automatically set and do not require to be re-adjusted. However, sometimes it can go bad, thus, asking for a replacement. You must immediately call a professional plumber because replacing it yourself may cause other water flow issues.

Mineral Deposits

Most old homes have coated iron pipes in which mineral deposits can build up over time. These mineral deposits and sediments are unavoidable and can decrease the pressure with which water flows inside these pipes.

Peak Periods

Not many homeowners realize that there are certain times of the day when most of their fixtures are all running together. Added to this, low water pressure to your home can also be because a great percentage of homeowners in your neighborhood are watering their lawn or using the shower at the same time.

Water Leaks

Sometimes low water pressure in homes can also be because of leaks in old pipes. The important thing in such a case is to track down the leak and mend it before your water bills start soaring.plumber-near-deeerfiled

You can check for a leak in your home by keeping an eye over your meter. If there is a significant increase in the water usage, you would need to call a professional plumber immediately.

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