Winter Preparation: Make Yourself a Plumbing Checklist


Winters in Florida are not as extreme when compared to other states, since the temperature rarely falls below freezing point. However, plumbing problems can still occur in low temperatures so it is imperative to prepare your house before the season kicks in full swing.

Here’s a list of things you can check to ensure that you’re prepared for the winters.

Leaking Pipe Identification and Repair

Leaking pipes become a bigger problem during the winters as they can increase your water bills drastically and cause a decrease in the water pressure around the house. Fixing leaks would help in sustainable water usage and prevent freezing of water lines in case the temperatures fall below freezing point.

Pipe Insulation

The pipes outside your home should be well insulated, since they are at a high risk of sustaining damage when temperatures drop. While water pipes aren’t as likely to freeze during winters, regular temperature fluctuations may still happen, which would weaken the structure of the pipe by attacking the material itself. This would automatically increase the risk of cracks and once that happens, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars in repairs. It is better to have water pipes checked for damage before winters kick in.

Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters are at risk of mineral buildups throughout the year. These buildups reduce their efficiency, as well as longevity by quite a big fraction. Having your water heater flushed out professionally will help remove all debris and improve upon its functioning. This is usually recommended right before the winter season begins as a welcoming warm shower after a cool day outdoors feels amazing. However, if rust stains are observed on their surface, it is ideal to have the unit replaced.


Sump Pump Checks

If you live in a low-lying area, the probability of there being a sump pump in your house is very high. This pump is used to drain water out from these areas properly. It is crucial to make sure that it is functioning properly because any clogs might lead to flooding, which can be a pain to deal with during cold weather.

It is advised to get everything checked professionally to minimize plumbing problems once winters actually arrive. If you’re also looking for a premium quality plumbing service in Florida with affordable pricing, you can contact us right now or book an appointment online! We will prep your home completely for the winter in no time!


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