Got a Leaky Pipe in the Middle of the Night? Here’s What You Can Do


Most of the times, your home’s pipes are just fine. However, problems might arise when you are least prepared to face them.

Whether the pipe is broken or leaking, it can be a major problem for the homeowner. Being well-informed about the subject can help you deal with the situation in a better way.

We at Your 1 Plumber provide a brief guide on fixing leaky pipes.

What to do when the pipe is leaking

When it comes to leaky pipes, some problems are simple and can be easily handled. For instance, if there’s a problem with the joint, you can easily tighten it.

However, for major problems, you might have to change the whole section of the pipe and replace it with a new one.

The Pipe Patch

One of the quickest ways to fix a leaking pipe problem is to use a pipe patch kit. It can be found at a local hardware store. Also, you can make a patch of your own, using rubber from an old piece of tube and a C-clamp.

The patch kit contains a rubber pad that can fill the hole in the pipe. The metal plates can compress the rubber pad over the hole.

Other Temporary Measures

waterproof tapeAnother quick and easy way to stop the pipe from leaking involves wrapping the affected area with a waterproof tape.

You can also apply an epoxy paste. It is like molding clay that adheres to cracks in the pipe.

Before applying the epoxy, it is very important that you shut off the water supply. Take a small amount of epoxy paste in your hands and apply it in the cracked areas. In a few minutes, you can turn the water supply back on.

Another solution can be a compound stick. The stick can be found in any local hardware shop. All you have to do is rub the stick over the hole or crack. What’s more, the compound stick is also able to stop the leak when there’s still water on the pipe.

One Caveat

Although these solutions can prove to be very useful, remember that they are only temporary ones. This is because a pipe that has started leaking in one place will most likely start leaking from other places too. Also, the leak might have been caused by a bigger problem, such as corrosion. This is the reason you should always call in professionals (even after you have done the repairs).

If you are looking for plumbers in Delray Beach, Your 1 Plumber can be a smart choice. Being highly trained and professional, our plumbers can fix all kinds of leaks.

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