Insulating Water Pipes: What You Should Know


Insulating your water pipes may be more important than you think. Even though it is a very quick and relatively inexpensive procedure, majority of the homeowners choose to ignore it.

While the best time to have pipe’s insulated was when you were having your home constructed, or new pipes laid, you can still have pipe insulation as a project of its own.

Here are some benefits of having pipes insulation in your home:

Saving Money

The first benefit of having your pipes insulated is that you will save a lot of money.

The water heater has to consume a great deal of gas or electricity to warm the water for you in the morning. But when this water travels around the house in your un-insulated pipes, it tends to lose its warmth. Therefore, you naturally keep the settings of your water heater high for better heating.

If you insulate your pipes, you can run your water heater on much lower settings, thereby saving you a great deal of money on your energy bills.

Prevention of Freezing Pipes

If your basement is not insulated, it means that your pipes are vulnerable to freezing in extreme winters. When pipes freeze, they expand and possible explode, leading to thousands of dollars of damage.

Warm climate can be a problem too. When there is high humidity, there is condensation on the outside of the pipes, which can then lead to freezing when there is a slight drop in temperature.

Fully insulated pipes won’t condense or freeze; no matter how severe the weather conditions are, thereby saving you on costly repairs.

Not Losing Heat

If you have cold pipes, they will absorb heat from your home, making your home colder during winters.

Remember that insulated pipes are part of your overall insulation system. While the effects of un-insulated pipes may be minimal, they do make a difference.


Condensation is problem that affects more than just your pipes. The moisture that buildups from condensation may affect your flooring, walls and framing, and could lead to creation of mold.

When moisture starts damaging property, it leads to quite a bit of expensive repairs. The only to prevent condensation of the pipes is to have then insulated.

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