3 Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Water Heater

Water heaters are an important domestic appliance used on daily basis. The warm water is then transported to different pipes around the house connected to dishwashers, faucets, sinks, showers, and washing machines. The average life expectancy of a water heater ranges between 8 to 12 years. The latter expectancy can only be achieved with proper maintenance and regular repairs.  

In any case, a water heater can malfunction at any time. But in most cases, before it shuts off completely, it gives off signs of possible malfunctions and that’s what we have to pay attention to. For instance, if the temperature of the water remains unchanged despite turning on the heating system, it’s malfunctioning.

No one wants to shower with cold water first thing in the morning. In addition, showering with cold water triggers your body to switch on survival mode leading to increased blood circulation and irregular heartbeat.

Here’s why you should keep a check on your water heating system and call residential plumbing services in Boynton Beach when needed. 

Improved Performance 

The structure of a water heater consists of an outer jacket and inner jacket or covering of steel. On the inside, there is a storage tank where water is heated by the heat supplied through a metal rod which is wrapped in an exhaust flue. The space between the inner and outer layers is filled with an insulation material that prevents heat loss and keeps the water hot.

 Sometimes, depending upon the quality of the water, sediment collects at the base of the water tank leading to decreased space for water storage. As a result, the tank space is not utilized fully and the water supply finishes quickly. When the sediment is removed, it resumes functioning as before


Increase Efficiency

The water heating systems around the world consume an enormous amount of electricity, causing your electric bills to skyrocket. An estimated 40% of a household’s utility bills goes in its water heating system. This number only goes up if the water system is faulty because a malfunctioning system consumes more electricity. Thus, running a repair check on your water heater annually or bi-annually can save you a lot of money as well as your time from being wasted on unnecessary repairs frequently.

Maximum Life Expectancy  

As mentioned above, the average life expectancy of a water heater is around 8 to 12 years, only with regular repairs carried out bi-annually or annually. However, if you maintain it more frequently, it can exceed its average lifespan and keep providing you with a non-stop supply of hot water.

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The Importance of Good Plumbing to Keep Your Home Safe


Research on the importance of plumbing and sanitary water notes that millions of people around the world do not have access to clean and drinkable water due to faulty plumbing and the unavailability of proper drainage systems. Due to that reason, the prevalence of water-borne disease is on the rise and has become incredibly challenging to curb. The availability of clean drinking water along with water supply to residential areas is a necessity that cannot be emphasized further, studies suggest.

Although the plumbing industry comprises a large number of applications but primarily all of them deal with the installation of pipes, their maintenance, and repair. Besides these, plumbing systems also tackle installations of water heating systems including electric and gas heaters. Plumbing services are utilized all over the world including the US. There are exceptional plumbing service providers based in Florida who deal with residential plumbing in Boca Raton FL. 

The importance of good plumbing cannot be emphasized further because it is essential for comfortable living conditions

Let’s discuss some of the reasons that make living without the right plumbing system impossible.

Prevents Backflow of Waste Water

The plumbing system comprises of three systems, sanitary drainage, storm water drainage, and a potable water system. In any house plan, these are the first things designed. A house without these essential systems is nothing but four concrete walls. 

Ensures Water Consumption

According to the standards for safe plumbing created by the WHO, a safe plumbing system has to ensure that no other water pipelines, especially stormwater drainage pipes should open in a main water supply pipeline. These pipes keep wastewater separated from drinking water, so that safe and pure water, without any contaminants is supplied to your house.

Provides Exit for Wastewater

Stormwater drainage is a type of plumbing system, which ensures that wastewater including biowaste and food residue through kitchen and washroom drainage is being supplied away from the main residential buildings to the main drainage line. However, if the wastewater is not being drained out, it can clog the sinks, pipes, leading to a full-blown water disaster.

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