What Can Cause Fluctuations in Your Water Pressure

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Do you notice frequent changes in your home’s water pressure? Very high or low pressure can indicate potential plumbing issues that need immediate attention. If you’re not too careful, you may end up paying thousands in plumbing replacements or repairs.

It’s recommended that you always hire a licensed plumber to take care of your home’s plumbing.

In this blog, we will look at some common causes of fluctuations in water pressure.

Trapped air in pipes

Sometimes air can get trapped in the pipes, which may cause fluctuation in the water pressure. As the water and the trapped air move inside the pipes, it causes sudden fits of bursts. The trapped air acts like a valve that causes water to flow abruptly. Air may enter the pipeline through a leaked suction line, a faulty pump, or damaged and old tank bladders.

The failure of pressure regulating valve

The regulating valve is used to stabilize and manage the main water line that enters your home. When your pressure regulating valve fails or isn’t functioning properly, the water pressure in the main line may fluctuate between too low or too high suddenly.

Old or clogged pipes

If your home’s plumbing system or the main pipelines are decades old, they may get constructed and clogged with debris. As the debris moves inside the pipe, it can affect its pressure.

If your plumbing is old and showing signs of potential leaks and issues, you must call a professional plumbing service to have a look and carry out the required repairs.

Issues with the municipal water line

A fluctuation in your water pressure is not always a sign of a plumbing problem in your home. Sometimes the water pressure in the main line is affected. Damages, leaks, and clogs in the municipal water supply line may pass onto your home. This may lead to unexplained water pressure issues in your home.

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