Why Is Your Floor Drain Backing Up?

Water filling into a drain with a checkered pattern

Drains backing up are a major inconvenience, especially in the middle of laundry or when you’re cooking! You might think a plunger will solve it, but the problems often run deeper. If you’ve got drains backed up, here’s what could be causing it:

Clogged Lines

Most of the time, when you see water being backed up by a floor drain, it’s not the drain’s fault itself. The problem usually is because there is a clog somewhere deep within the drainage line. This is because the clogging causes the water to back up out of the lowest fixture in your house, like a floor drain or bathtub drain.

You may need to hire a professional plumbing contractor to repair the problem within the drainage line for you. Otherwise, the clogs will build up and may weaken your house’s plumbing system and cause more low-lying fixtures to back up.

Sewage Problems

Sewage material can often run into your plumbing systems and cause massive clogs, leading to backups. Sewage-causing backups raise many health safety hazards, as the water is toxic and contaminated with pathogens, etc., and needs to be cleared out immediately.

Damage to Lines

Other than clogs, damage to the plumbing systems or sewerage lines themselves can cause the floor drains to back up. The lines may have degraded due to wear and tear, or tree roots have made their way into the plumbing.

These kinds of problems require more attention and quite a while to fix. If you have got trees around your house, you can set up fences or barriers that run deeper than your plumbing lines so that tree roots are unable to reach the lines.

Foreign Objects

Small objects like toys, socks, etc., can get lodged into the drainage system and clog the lines. You can try doing it with a plunger, but it’s best to hire professional plumbing contractors.

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