5 Common Plumbing Myths You Should Know

A white basin in a bathroom

Believing in plumbing myths may do you and your pipelines more harm than good. Keep reading to find out more as we debunk these popular plumbing myths for you:

Ice Cubes in Garbage Disposals

Contrary to popular belief, you should never put ice in your garbage disposal. Ice cubes don’t make the blades of the garbage disposal sharper. This is because the garbage disposal unit doesn’t have a blade or a set of blades to begin with.

Instead, your garbage disposal unit has installations that are almost teeth-like in shape. They’re called “impellers.” Their job is to crush and grind any incoming solid things into nearly a liquid form as the garbage disposal spins around.

Putting a Brick in Toilet Tanks

This is another popular myth, which alleges that if you put a brick in the toilet’s water tank, it’ll help you save water. This is wrong because the brick may cause the toilet to not flush correctly. This may lead to the toilet backing up.

Grease Can be Washed Off with Hot Water

This might seem like a simple enough logic, but it makes your drainage system weaker. Hot water damages the protective layering inside the pipes of the plumbing system. Grease may be able to pass through the lines when it’s hot, but when it cools down, it sticks to the inside of the pipes.

Then, other debris may get stuck to the pipes along with the grease, causing clogs. This can make your pipes degrade at a much faster rate and also cause frequent plumbing issues.

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Harsh Chemicals Clear Out Clogs

Harsh chemicals like sulfuric acid, phenol, alcohol, etc., may be able to clean the toilet and drains, but they damage the plumbing in the long run and be hazardous to health. These chemicals are quite strong and can cause extreme wear to your pipes. It’s better to contact a licensed plumbing contractor for any plumbing repairs, as they’re qualified to use products that’ll get the job done without causing much harm.

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