Common Causes of Toilet Clogs and How to Avoid Them


Toilets are often the most used yet the most unappreciated appliances in our homes. They can take up about 40% of total water usage in a home.

If there is a clog with this already large amount of water usage, you can lose a significant amount of water over time, not to mention waste a lot of it. There are some common causes to watch out to prevent an embarrassing situation that can also be a hazard to the health of your family.

Flushing the Wrong Stuff

Children can find joy in watching items disappear which means virtually anything they get their hands on can go down the drain. Unfortunately, this can overload your toilet which is only meant to flush toilet paper and human waste.

Event adults must take care to not flush items like baby wipes, diapers, paper towels and tampons down the drain because these items do not dissolve easily and can cause clogs. Instead, designate a waste paper basket for them. Another good solution is to keep the lid down and install child proof toilet seat locks so the toilet bowl is off the favorite playtime accompaniment list.

Hard Water

We see this issue a lot and it can become a problem over time not to mention cause issues consistently.

New homeowners are usually the ones unaware of this issue and can easily end up paying repair costs before someone detects an issue. Hard water can cause mineral build up which can eventually lead to a clog. You can get a professional plumber to flush out your toilet system and then get a water softener installed to make sure this doesn’t occur again.

Something is Trapped

It is possible that something that is not easy to pass through the u-bend was flushed and is now stuck.

Over time, this object can cause accumulation of debris that can results in a clog. Some people may decide to use a plunger by redirecting the debris into the sewer drain but you might need help getting rid of the stuck object. This can include a lot of effort so don’t do it yourself, instead call in someone to make sure it’s the actually problem and it is solved right.

Deep Roots

The tree roots in your home may make their way to the plumbing and if, at some time this comes into contact with the pipers leading to your toilets, a backflow is possible.

If there are drains backed up in your home then it can indicate this problem. This can also indicate a problem in your sewer system which will require cleaning or a video inspection to determine whether there is a partial clog.


It can be dangerous to try and tackle these problems on your own, especially as it can risk damage to your home and furniture along with spread of bacteria.

In this case, it is best to hire a professional plumbing company. If you run into a toilet clog in Deerfield, Wellington or Pompano Beach areas, then we at Your 1 Plumber FL will be happy to help with any residential plumbing Deerfield Beach FL problems you may have. We can come on the same day and fix your problem giving you the zero-hassle service you deserve!

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