3 Situations in Which You Should Immediately Contact a Plumber


Everyone has experienced some plumbing issues at their homes—be it their toilet leaks or kitchen drains or faucet installation. The most you may have done is researched a bit and resolved some issues or taken your sweet time to contact a plumbing repair service.

However, there are some emergency situations where you have to contact a plumber immediately so that you can contain a disaster or stop it from doing some major damage to your home property. Here are three instances where a 911 call to the plumber is necessary.

Leakages and Flooding

Leaks in your pipes have the potential to grow and cause major damage to your homes. You might have taken care of small ceiling leaks by placing a bucket underneath. But you might have ignored the signs of water leaks with your stained walls with mould on them. These leaks can cause low water pressure and musty stale smell from walls. A small chip in your pipe can lead to a pipe burst which then leads to flooding in homes.

It is better to contain a burst pipe by immediately calling a plumber service and stopping it from flooding your home and causing damage to your property. Water flooding in homes will just leave you with a huge dent in your wallet worth of thousands of dollars.

Clogged Toilets

If your continuous use of a plunger to unblock your toilet has yield zero results, it is best to call a bathroom plumbing service to fix your toilet for you.


Use another toilet for the time being otherwise the clogged toilet will fill up with more waste and just cause additional issues that will take longer to be resolved. We know it can be an embarrassing issue but just know that you are not alone. A majority of people have had to experience this awkward situation. It is best to contact experts to resolve this sensitive issue and not experiment with cleaning chemicals that could potentially damage your plumbing system.

Water Heater Issues 


Hot water is an essential part of our daily routine. If your water heater breaks down and doesn’t churn out any hot water, contact a plumber and get it fixed immediately. If the problem is electrical or gas line related then a plumber can best assess the situation and repair it. Not calling a plumber is not a safe option as a gas leak or an electrical issue with the water heather can cause serious health risks.


So, don’t delay the emergency plumbing situation and contact the best and efficient plumbing service in the Palm Beach County area.


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