3 Ways to Identify Something’s Wrong with Your Toilet


A dysfunctional toilet can wreak havoc on a peaceful day, and it can be worse if you have guests over at your place. These emergencies occur when you least expect them to happen, which is why it’s better to be able to identify any problematic signs, before your toilet begins to act weird in front of a guest.

Toilet issues may sometimes be very minor and can be fixed easily without professional plumbing assistance. However, we suggest you get your toilet inspected by a professional plumber regularly, to repair simple defects and stop them from growing bigger.

Here are three useful ways to identify if there’s a problem with your toilet that needs a repair or replacement.

If Your Toilet Is Using Too Excess Water

Toilets are required to consume a certain amount of water to pass the standard water consumption level. Before 1994, the standard water consumption level for toilets to pass the inspection was 3.4 gallons per flush, which was later minimized to 1.6 gallons per flush in 1992, as stated in the Energy Policy Act. If your toilet is old and using more water than the specified standard, consider getting it replaced. It is not only damaging the environment, but also adding to your your monthly water bills.

Your Toilet Is Cracked

If you see cracks on the surface of your toilet, it’s time to get it changed. A cracked and damaged toilet can lead to water leakage. The water seeping from the cracks may get to the walls of your washroom and accumulate overtime. This stagnant water puddle can result in mod formation over time, if it goes unnoticed. Mold formation can further weaken the structural integrity of your home, as well as cause several health issues. To stop the problem then and there at the cracks, consider getting the toilet replaced.


If Your Toilet Wobbles


Not only old, but new toilets can also become problematic if they start to wobble or rock. Here’s why that might be happening:

  • If the mounting bolts were not properly affixed by the plumber.
  • If the wax ring underneath your toilet degrades.
  • A decayed sub-floor that might be causing floor under the toilet to shift.

You can try fixing this problem by tightening the bolts, and replacing the damaged ring. However, if the culprit is a rotten sub-floor, it will be better to contact a professional plumbing service to get it repaired—or replaced if required.

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