4 Steps to Eliminate Rust Sediment in Pipelines


Depending on how old the pipes in your house are, they will start accumulating rust over the years. This rust ends up in the water stream and you run the risk of a minor contamination.

There are a few ways you can eliminate rust sediment from your pipes. They include flushing it out, cleaning it out using an electrical drill, and lastly, replacing the pipes.


The simplest way of getting rid of rusty sediment is by letting your faucets run for a little while. It will flush out if you open multiple faucets for approximately 30 minutes. This should be ample time. Instead of wasting this rust water, use it to water plants and other landscape.

Electric Drill Method

Because they are made from Iron and steel, with a thin layer of zinc, galvanized pipes are the most prone to rust. They will rust in a year or two if they do not have a layer of zinc protecting them.

To eliminate rust from such pipes, use an electric drill and a drill bit extension. The drill bit is used to scrape away at the iron buildup. After doing this, you need to flush out the pipe for a little longer to make sure all the sediment is washed out of the pipe and you don’t have brown water.

Replacing Pipes

The above are fixes for smaller amounts of sediment found in pipes. If you find yourself dealing with copious amounts of rust, then it would be best to just install a new pipe. This will ensure that you’re done with having to do upkeep every few days.

While it’s a costlier alternative, you won’t have to worry about it for a few years. You may also want to opt for PEX pipes since they do not rust as quickly.

Painting over It

If the rust is forming outside the pipe, you can take a few measures to protect the pipe. This involves applying naval jelly to the pipe and to further apply a coat of paint if necessary. This coat of paint should be applied after applying a rust-inhabiting primer. This will prevent the rust from recurring on the whole pipe.


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