4 Things You Need To Ask Your Plumber Before Hiring Them!


Plumbing emergencies can arise anywhere and anytime. Whether it’s a residential set-up or a commercial setting, these emergencies are more or less similar in nature. Most of us think we can take care of them ourselves and attempt to do so. But this can make matters worse.

Hiring a reliable plumbing service is the right thing to do. Doing your research beforehand will be useful in case of emergency so you don’t have to waste time asking questions from your plumber that don’t pertain to the emergency.

Are you a licensed and insured plumber?

All plumbers that offer their services need to be licensed and insured. The first thing you should ask your plumber if they possess a license to practice. This ensures they have passed the necessary tests and they are qualified to deal with any problem that comes their way.

Licensed plumbers also know the building codes and are required to be updated on any changes made and they can carry out their services according to code.

Are they available during emergencies? 

Not all plumbing emergencies will take place during working hours. This means not all plumbers will be available at odd hours to come to your rescue. Ask your plumbing service if they offer emergency services 24/7.

Also ask them what their response time is because problems like water leakage can cause damage by the minute. So the sooner you can expect help to arrive the less structural damage and panic can incur.

Do they have a specialty?

If your plumber is specializing in a particular problem, it can save you time and help you identify if they are fit to take care of your problem at hand.

Do you charge for an estimate?

Some plumbers can also have service fees to provide estimates after they have examined a problem.  These can often be non-negotiable fees, so it’s safer to ask beforehand so you are prepared to pay for it via whichever payment method is suitable. You can avoid having to pay travel fee for plumbers that have to come from further away, by hiring local plumbers.

Check up on reviews for different plumbing services so you can be well informed about making the right decision. For all same-day Boca Raton plumbing services, FL, call 561-403-1500 or book an appointment at Your 1 Plumber and relax.

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