5 Signs Of A Hidden Plumbing Leak


According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, an average household can waste up to 180 gallons of water per week and 9,400 gallons annually, from plumbing leaks.

Though some plumbing leaks are minor and can be resolved readily, others can cause severe damage to your property if neglected for a long time.

Here are a few signs of a water leak in your home that you should never neglect.

1. Running Water Noises

One of the most obvious signs of a hidden plumbing leak is when you hear running water noises even when all the faucets are shut. If you’re hearing sounds of water running, contact your plumber to look into the matter.

2. Your Water Bills Are High

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the water costs of an average household are more than a thousand dollars per year.

Your water costs shouldn’t fluctuate drastically. If you’re observing spikes in your water bills, it may indicate a plumbing leak. Always compare water bills of a month to the previous month to see if they’re varying a lot or not.

3. Unexplained Wet Spots

If the flooring in your property has discolored areas or wet spots even when nothing got spilled, it’s probably due to a hidden pipe leak. Observe if the wet spots are near the tubs, sinks or other pipelines.

4. Musty Smells In Your Home

If you notice musty smells in your home even after you keep your home impeccably clean, chances are, it’s due to a pipe leak. Plumbing leaks cause wet spots, which in turn, lead to molds.

Molds result in unpleasant smells around the home. Moreover, molds produce irritants and allergens that can result in allergic reactions including skin rashes, runny nose, red eyes, sneezing, etc.

Therefore, if you’re home is giving off unpleasant smells, get in touch with a plumber as soon as possible to fix the issue and preserve the health of your family.

5. Cracks In Foundation


Although this condition is quite normal in old houses, if you’re noticing cracks in the foundation of your new home, it indicates a leak. Plumbing leaks can weaken the structural components and foundations of your property, resulting in cracks in the walls or foundations.

If you’re experiencing any of the aforementioned signs, don’t stress!

At Your1Plumber, all the leak detection and repair work are done by licensed and professional technicians. For leak detection and repair in Boca Raton, FL, contact us right away and we’ll be happy to be at your service.

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