61 Clever Plumbing Quotes Worth A Read

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The life of a plumber can usually be messy and a little stressful. Luckily, we have put together this awesome list of 61 clever plumbing quotes that will be sure to brighten your day! If you are a plumber or are close to one feel free to share this list of funny and clever plumbing quotes with them! We even threw in a few smart plumbing slogans, famous plumbing quotes, and a couple interesting plumbing facts at the end as a bonus!

Clever Plumbing Quotes Below:

1. “We repair what your husband fixed”

2. “A good flush beats a full house”

3. “Don’t sleep with a drip, call your plumber”

4. “Were number 1 in the number 2 business”

5. “Professional, affordable and we always leave the seat down”

6. “Call us when you’re backed up”

7. “Got a leak, ill take a peak”

8. “All plumbers have big dreams, pipe dreams”

9. “We wont drain your check book”

10.“Our reputation has leaked out”

11.“If it weren’t for us, you’d have no place to go”

12.“If water runs through it, we do it”

13.“Call the best, flush the rest”

15 ”If I had my life to live over again, I’d be a plumber”- Albert Einstein

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16.“A plumber is an adventurer who traces leaky pipes to their source”

17..”Plumbing – that little thing between the Middle Ages and Modernity”

18.”If it wasn’t for plumbing, we would have still died from drinking water”

19.”Unlike doctors, plumbers are in the business of prevention”

20.”Man, an ingenious assembly of portable plumbing.

21.“My singing voice is somewhere between a drunken apology and a plumbing problem.”

22.“If I waited for inspiration every time I sat down to write a song I probably would be a plumber today. – Barry Mann

23.“People in West Virginia do have cars. We have indoor plumbing. We even use knives and forks.

24. “How does a plumber break the ice butt crack a joke?”

25.“Your crap is my family’s bread & butter.”

26.“Lets say I was a plumber, or worked at a factory, I would download music, you feel what I’m saying”

27. “People say they are always waiting for GOD to appear, but have you ever tried to find a plumber on a Sunday?”

30.Every actor is somewhat mad, or else he’d be a plumber”

wine out of faucet funny - clever plumbing quotes

31. “Im not nearly as significant has Ralph Nader, or the local plumber” – Harlan Ellison

32.“My dad was a plumber and my mom was on and off again “

32.“If you’re a plumber, there is an objective way to establish whether you put together a great piping system or not. Art is a bit more slippery than that.

34.’One of the best sleight of hand guys I know is a plumber”

35.“I used to tell people my father was a plumber, because that would mean we had a normal life”

36.“The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain”

37.“If you consider contribution of plumbing to human life, the other sciences fade into significance”

38.“We don’t have the plumbing to take care of what needs to be taken care of”

39.“I bet you have never seen a plumber bite his nails”

40.“A plumber is the only guy I know who can take leak, and fix it also!

plumber fixing huge pipe leak

41. “I once worked with a plumber in New York City that said, ‘Every time you flush your toilet you’re putting food in my family’s mouth’. (This must be one of our favorite clever plumbing quotes)

42.”There are far too many people in university in Britain. If you want to make money, be a plumber”.

43.”You don’t need a college degree to be a good carpenter, welder, plumber, auto mechanic, member of the armed forces, or firefighter”

44.”I was focused on building things from an early age. When I was about 3, our toilet broke, and my mother was ready to call the plumber. I told her I would fix it and asked her to get my Richard Scarry book ‘How Things Work in Busytown.’ Between the picture of a toilet and the text she read to me explaining how the parts worked, I fixed it”

45.”There’s lots of different feminist groups. It’s not as straightforward as just looking like a plumber”

46.”If you’re a Italian, and you’re a plumber, are you an Italian plumber

47.”A plumber doesn’t change the way he plumbs when he has a kid. You’re a comedian. This is your style”

48.”Anybody who has any doubt about the ingenuity or the resourcefulness of a plumber never got a bill from one.”

49.”Modern cynics and skeptics… see no harm in paying those to whom they entrust the minds of their children a smaller wage than is paid to those to whom they entrust the care of their plumbing”

50.” I told my wife the truth. I told her I was seeing a psychiatrist. Then she told me the truth: that she was seeing a psychiatrist, two plumbers and a bartender.”

51.”Water is commonly regarded as the ‘solvent of life,’ since our bodies are 70% water. All other vertebrates, invertebrates, microbes, and plants are also primarily water. The organization of water within biological compartments is fundamental to life, and the aquaporins serve as the plumbing systems for cells.

52.”Television is like the invention of indoor plumbing. It didn’t change people’s habits. It just kept them inside the house.

53”My singing voice is somewhere between a drunken apology and a plumbing problem”

54.”My plumbing is no one’s business but my own”

55.”I wish I had gone into industrial plumbing. That’s a joke”

56”Basically, I’m a musical vocalist, but I do voice over stuff as a sideline, like plumbing or something”

57.”Editing is really like plumbing a good deal of the time. You put two things together, and a current runs through it”

58.”Most thermostats are built by plumbing companies. But you really need to understand how to build a phone to make them better”

59.”What I found was that I thoroughly enjoyed the plumbing of experiment”

60 “I grew up around hardware. I could sell you all the plumbing and electricity you want”

61.”Plumbing is usually boring,not always”

We hope you enjoyed our list of Clever Plumbing Quotes. Below is some bonus material!

Interesting Plumbing Facts:

More than 28 billion feet (about 5.3 million miles) of copper piping has been installed in buildings in the U.S. since 1963. To put it in perspective, imagine a single long copper tube going around the earth 200 times.

Queen Elizabeth I also enjoyed the benefit of a flushing toilet: her godson, Sir John Harington, built one for her in 1596 and it’s believed that the U.S. nickname for it, “the john,” comes from him.

Albert Einstein is reported to have said that if he had to do it all over again, he’d become a plumber. As a result of this remark, the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union in Washington, DC, made him an honorary member and a New York plumbers’ local gave him a set of gold-plated plumbers’ tools.

How long do we spend on the toilet? The average person is purported to spend a total of three years over a lifetime.

Got a drippy faucet? Think it’s doesn’t mean much? Think again: if that leaky faucet could fill an eight-ounce glass in 15 minutes, it will waste 180 gallons of water a month (2,160 gallons a year).

Flushing the toilet consumes about 38 percent of the average U.S. household’s water usage.

Install a low-flush toilet and you can save up to 18,000 gallons of water a year!

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Wrapping Up:

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