Does Your Plumbing Need To Be Repaired After A Flood?

Street filled with flood water

If your house has been flooded, there may be concealed plumbing damage that you won’t see unless a qualified plumbing contractor inspects your property thoroughly.

The following are some of the most prevalent post-flood plumbing issues:

Drains Get Clogged

Flood water normally contains some debris or sediment, which might damage the plumbing system if the drains are flooded. A buildup of debris or sediments in a drain might block it, but it can typically be unclogged using a drain cleaner or plunger.

Damage to the House Foundation

Flooding can cause serious damage to the foundation of a house. The pressure of rushing water on a house and the saturated mud below it might cause the foundation to shift, putting the plumbing system at risk. Plumbing can fracture, deteriorate, or become removed with time. Before any plumbing can be rebuilt, the foundation must be fixed if it has shifted or collapsed.

Underground Plumbing Damage

When there is severe flooding and stagnant water for an extended length of time, your underground plumbing might be damaged. Because of the immense weight created by the water and wet mud, underground water and sewer pipes may have been damaged. Examine the property for evidence of sinkholes or uneven patches after the water has drained.

Exposed Pipes Damaged

If your plumbing fittings have been damaged by dirt, the connecting pipes are likely to have been harmed as well. When the floodwaters have cleared from your property, keep an eye out for freshwater behind exposed plumbing. If you see damage to the pipes, turn off the connected fixtures quickly and contact a plumber.

Damage to Plumbing Fixtures

Outdoor and indoor fixtures that the flood has damaged will almost certainly need to be changed. The best part is that most fixtures are low-cost and simple to install. What happens to fixtures that aren’t damaged but have been immersed in water for an extended length of time is a major problem. To remove any sediment and avoid mold from growing, the indoor fixtures will need to be disassembled and cleaned with bleach. Outdoor fixtures will require the same level of care.

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