Drain Odor – What Causes This Stinky Problem?


You might have experienced a foul smell permeating the air in your kitchen or bathrooms at home. It is never a good sign when you discover a bad stench from anywhere in your house, let alone your kitchen where you prepare meals.

A relatively clean sink on the outside does not always guarantee a spotless drain and sink pipe. Let’s discover some reasons why you might experience stinky drains in your homes.

Sewer line

The first sign of a sewer line problem at your home would be that all the drains are giving out a foul stench. This is not a coincidence but a serious problem related to a leak in your sewer line. The sewer pipeline carries all the wastewater out of your house and dumps it in the municipal sewer system with the connecting pipeline system. If this connection is disturbed then the dirty sewer water is not able to drain out of the house and is instead trapped in drainage pipes and sinks. This causes a gurgling sound to be heard from the drain which tells you that the dirty and smelly drain needs a professional plumbing repair service.

Dry p-trap

A p-trap is the curved and bent part of the drainpipe located underneath the sink. It acts as a plug that captures the water and functions as a barrier that keeps the sewer gases away from the pipe. If an unused sink starts giving out smelly odors, then that means that the pipe has become dry with un-use and might need water to be drained down the pipe so that the sewer gases are kept at bay again.

Trapped Food

This is the number one cause of most smelly drains at homes. Kitchen sinks especially face a blockage that refuses to drain out the water. This signifies that there is some food particles trapped inside of the drain line. No matter how much you direct food and solid kitchen waste away from the sinks and into trashcans, some pieces might just slip by unnoticed. This can then lead to blocked and smelly drains.washing-sink

Pipe Accessories

These include the nuts and bolts used to assemble the pipe to the drain. If the pipe accessories are made from materials that are more prone to wear and tear, then the rust and degradation might cause bad smells to develop over time and use.

Whenever you catch a whiff of bad odor from your drains, call the drain cleaning in Palm Beach County to solve your stinky problem.

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