Easter Disaster! How to Prepare Your Pipes for Wastage


Easter is a great day for family fun and enjoyment, but it can be really bad for your home’s plumbing. The amount of waste created is enormous, and blocked pipes are very common post-Easter meals.

Follow these tips to avoid needing to call your plumber:

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Prepare your pipes for all the waste before the guests arrive. Baking soda and white vinegar are great for eating away at any buildup inside the pipes. Pour a cup of both into each drain to clean and prepare them for the upcoming flood of waste.

Egg Shells

Eggs shells in the drain are very problematic as they wrap around the shredder in your pipes. They also have the ability to trap other liquids and foods, which makes a pipe cloggage all the more probable. So make sure that you dispose of these shells in the trash instead.



Pipes are simply not made to accommodate bones. They get clogged inside the pipes and cause jamming. Prevent any bones from getting into the pipes at any cost.

Greasy Substances

Have you noticed how oil thickens and clings to the pan if you leave it there for some time? The same will happen if you pour it down the drain. Except it’ll block your whole drain as well. Thus, it’s advised that you dispose of oil in some other container.

Rice and Pasta

Pasta and rice do the same thing to a drain that they do to your stomach; they swell and cause clogs. Better dispose of them in the trash.

Asparagus and Celery

Make sure to throw away any leftovers of these vegetables in the trash. When they go in the drain, they slow down the flow and lead to complete blockage.

We don’t want you to stop having Easter fun. Play and eat all you want, just make sure to dispose of waste in a safe manner that won’t create any problems for you. And don’t worry, even if you get some plumbing problems, we’ve got you covered.

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