Pupper Plumbing Problems—How to Dog-Proof Your Plumbing


If only you could read minds. More specifically, your dog’s mind!

Perhaps then you’d understand why, even after being told a thousand times, your beloved pet still thinks it’s fine to drink water from the toilet bowl or chew at exposed pipes in the kitchen!

But their big puppy-dog eyes win you over each time. What you can do, though, is get your plumbing pet-proofed!

Step#1: Keep the Lid Closed

Not keeping the lid of the toilet shut is not only unhygienic, but it’s also dangerous for your pup, especially if they’re small.

Aside from the risk of drowning, if your dog does drink toilet water, the chemical residue leftover from toilet cleaners, not to mention the residue, can negatively affect their health.

Keep the lid closed at all times. And if your pup’s clever enough to lift it up, install a child-proof lid lock as a safety measure.

Step#2: Cover Exposed Pipes

From shoes to exposed pipes, dogs love chewing on anything they can get their paws on. And while you can replace your old shoes, pipes take out a chunk out of your bank account, especially if the chewed pipe ends up busting and flooding your home. If your dog has a habit of biting down on the pipes, either have them covered and fitted into the walls, or ask your plumber for an alternative method.

Step#3: Use Stoppers to Keep Your Drains Clean


When giving your dog a bath, use a strainer to block out any animal hair that may make its way down. Dogs shed a lot and that coarse, thick hair can clog your drains pretty badly if you don’t clean it out regularly. Rather than risking a hefty plumbing bill, it might be better to simply buy a cheap drain stopper or strainer from the store.

Note: Also, when washing them after a romp in the park, do so outside rather than in your bathtub.

The added mud and furry clumps of dirt will only worsen your clogged-drain situation. If needed, pre-rinse them thoroughly then bring them in for a nice, warm shower.

Step#4: Don’t Let Them Dig

You never know where a water line or sewer pipe might be buried!

While they are installed deep and low in the ground, there are some lines that are installed a little shallow, about 18 inches under your lawn surface, which aren’t meant to be disturbed. If your dog loves to dig, it’s best to take them to the park then let them dig in your backyard.

Got Pet Damage that Needs Fixing?

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From shower fixes to installing cold water supply lines, we’re here to help with whatever plumbing problem you may have. If your dog’s done some damage to your plumbing, contact us now and let us fix your home pipes! Call 561-403-1500!

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