How To Keep Tree Roots from Growing in Your Sewer Lines

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Your sewer lines are prone to damage over time. If you’re not careful about regularly maintaining them and identifying potential sewer problems, you may end up paying for property damage.

One of the leading causes of damaged sewer lines is the growth of tree roots. The tree roots can grow underground and hurt your plumbing, causing water leakages and, in some cases, damaging your foundation.

If you want to steer clear of these problems, read on to find some tips to keep tree roots from growing in your sewer lines:

Create a barrier

One of the most common techniques to prevent tree roots from reaching sewer lines is to make a barrier between your sewer lines and the trees. To do that, you can use many ways to create a barrier, such as using chemical solutions specially designed for residential properties. These slow-release chemicals will restrict the growth of tree roots within a certain area preventing the roots from penetrating sewer lines.

You can also invest in metal or wood barriers and bury them around 6 inches deeper than your sewer pipes; this will help keep the roots from finding their way to the plumbing.

Regular maintenance and inspection

By scheduling regular sewer maintenance and inspection sessions, you ensure that there are no plumbing issues with the sewer line. Regular maintenance by a professional will not only ensure that your pipes are clean and healthy, but it will also ensure that no tree roots approach the sewer lines.

Think about sewer friendly plantation

By planning your landscaping better, you can strategically plant the trees in a way that will prevent any future damage to your sewer lines. Before you approve a landscaping design, you should consult your plumbing company to advise on better places to plant trees so that your sewer is at a safe distance from attracting tree roots.  

You can also control the root growth mechanically

Sometimes when the tree roots are already on their way to your sewer lines, you can still manage their growth. One way to control the growth and avoid any future intrusions is to hire an expert to mechanically remove the roots already close to the pipeline.

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