It’s Time to Fix Those Leaky Faucets!


Few things are as annoying as the sound of a dripping faucet. Keeping your faucets in good working condition won’t just allow you to sleep in peace, but will also help in significantly reducing your water bills. Faucets can leak due to a number of reasons including consistently high water pressure, damaged parts, corrosion, mineral deposits, and defective O-rings. Research shows that an average U.S household wastes up to 9,400 gallons of water each year due to water leaks.

In this blog, we take a look at the reasons behind a leaking faucet.

Damaged Parts

Although the reason for dripping faucets can be many, damaged parts are usually the most common cause. A steady leak is a sign that the internal washer needs replacement. The compression faucets inside the seal are likely to be damaged due to exposure to high water pressure. Other types of faucets such as the cartridge and ball-and-drip faucets are washer-less and leaks in their cases are most likely due to a damaged inlet and/or outlet seals.

High Water Pressure

If your faucets are leaking only during certain times of the day or night then it’s a sign of the water pressure being set too high. This prevents water from properly flowing away beyond a certain point and forces it to back up and seek another point of exit which is usually another faucet or the toilet overflow tank. Such an issue isn’t dangerous unless it persists for a long period of time in which case it would be wise to call in a plumber to inspect the problem.

Broken or Faulty Plumbing

An unlikely cause for a leaking faucet is a broken pipe or fitting. This leads to the development of cracks which causes water to leak below the sink. If these cracks are causing issues with the water pressure, the faucet will drip at varying times. You will need to contact professional plumbing services to fix such an issue.

Worn Out Cartridges

Like most things, cartridges also get worn out due to extensive wear and tear and need to be replaced. The only problem is, you need to have another cartridge with the same specifications for it to properly fit. In case you don’t, you can always take your faulty, worn-out cartridge to the original faucet dealership and have it replaced.

Sediment Buildup

The buildup of sediment causes corrosion which then damages the valve seat and faucet connections resulting in leaks. Routine cleaning of the valve seat helps to prevent such a problem from arising.

Leaking faucets are responsible for wastage of nearly 526 gallons of water per year. Our plumbing repair services in Palm Beach County will help you get rid of any and all water leaks! Contact us today!

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