Plumbers’ Ultimate Wish List: Practices You Need To Stop


Remember the sense of accomplishment you feel when you get away with something that you thought was wrong? Humans have this innate nature of doing certain things knowing they will have a detrimental impact on their life. No matter how thrilling and satisfying this is, you need to stop.

Plumbers all over the world are concerned by popular plumbing maintenance practices that cause more damage, than good to your plumbing system.

Following the guidelines provided by your plumber can save you from future clogs, breakdowns, leaks, and floods. Here is a list of plumbing practices you need to stop.

Douse it in Drano

Highly advertised unclogging chemicals are easily available in the market. Homeowners use it readily, disregarding the impact it has on pipelines and plumbing system. These chemicals are dangerous to handle and only provide a temporary fix.

Delaying a proper repair further damages your plumbing system and increases the likelihood of a bigger clog down the line.

Using toilet as your dustbin

No matter how convenient it is to flush your makeup wipes down the toilet, they will pose a bigger threat to your plumbing system in the following days. These products fail to disintegrate into the water and block pipes and drains.

Abide by the non-flushable list, which includes, makeup wipes, female hygiene products, diapers, toilet scrubbers or pet litter. Use your toilet for human waste only to prevent frequent clogs.

Don’t know the location of the main valve

Leaky faucets and toilets are the most common plumbing problem that homeowners experience. The most effective solution is to shut off the main water valve and call in a plumber. People who are unaware of the exact location of the shut-off or emergency valve cause more water wastage and damage to the water pipelines.


Learn how to operate a shut-off valve to minimize water damage.

You love to drop toilet fresheners

Ditch the habit of dropping toilet fresheners in your toilet tanks. The blue water might keep your toilet smelling fresh, but it can severely damage the internal mechanism of a toilet tank.

Don’t timely replace hose

Water hoses are made out of plastic which makes them susceptible to early wear and tear. These water hoses can burst unannounced, leaving you in a flood-situation. Get all your rubber pipes, washing machine, and dishwasher hose changed after a 5-year interval.

Tampering with the water heater

Water heaters have a life-span of 8-12 years. If you keep using an outdated heater, it will flood your home eventually. Moreover, experimenting with DIY projects and meddling with the heater’s pressure and temperature can put your life in danger.

Tampering with the heater’s valve can build pressure inside and tank and disperse hot-water everywhere. This can cause serious burns and water damage.

Avoid experimenting with plumbing problems and get in touch with an experienced residential plumbing services in Pompano Beach, FL.

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