Plumbing 101: How to Avoid Embarrassing Plumbing Situations

Toilet Flush

Whether it is leaky pipes or problems with flushing toilet, plumbing issues in the bathroom can be quite embarrassing, especially if you have guests over.

Before your friends come, you need to make sure that your bathroom is doing just fine. Not only is it your responsibility as a host, plumbing problems also leave a bad impression. Flush not working. Leaky pipes that are a slip hazard. Low pressure in faucets. Yikes!

Here’s a plumbing checklist:

Keep the Toilet Flush Fully Functioning

When you have friends over, the last thing you want to ask them is jiggle the toilet handle for flushing. Make sure that you have thoroughly checked the toilet flush. If there are any problematic signs, make sure you call in professionals and get it fixed.

Make Sure the Toilet Does Not Clog

A clogged toilet can cause embarrassment for both you and your friend. Check for signs of clogging days before your friends are expected to visit.

To be on the safe side, make sure you have kept a waste basket in the bathroom. Also, keep a plunger nearby, so that the person inside can unclog it.

Check for Leaky Faucets

You can easily check for visible signs of leaking faucets and get them fixed. However, you should also be aware of the situation of pipes in your house.

Whether they are made of plastic or copper, tiny cracks can lead to major damages, such as flooding.

Check if the Water Heater Is Doing Fine

Water HeaterDuring their stay, your friends might need to have a warm shower. It can be embarrassing if the water heater does not oblige.

Sediment buildup can negatively affect the efficiency of your water heater. Make sure you have removed it. Also, check the pressure in the tanks and if it’s not normal, make sure you get it fixed.

Clear Away Gutter Debris

From fallen leaves to downspouts, there are many reasons why debris can get accumulated in the gutter system of your house. Make sure you have got these pathways cleared to have smooth drainage.

Make Sure the Shower Drains are properly cleaned

From hair to soap residue, shower drains can easily get clogged. The sight can get pretty gross.

Make sure you have cleaned the shower drain before your friends come. Having a screen placed at the top of the drain will make cleaning simple.

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