Plumbing Safety Basics Do’s and Don’ts

You wake up one day to find the water in your drain backing up. So you decide to roll up your sleeves to take care of the small plumbing issue yourself. After all, who needs to call a plumber for things like that!

But plumbing issues require you to be extremely vigilant while fixing them so as to prevent any physical injuries or damage to your property.

Here are a few safety tips you should consider:

Some Dos for DIY Plumbing

  • Turn off the water supply: If you’re undertaking any plumbing repair, make sure to shut off the main water valve first. This’ll stop the flow of water to prevent any major damage to your home.Keep in mind to always turn the shut-off valve in a clockwise direction.
  • Wear protective eyewear: Whether you’re handling a hammer or unclogging a drain, make sure to put safety glasses on. They’ll help protect your eyes from any sort of accident.
  • Wear a dust mask: If the plumbing project involves extensive sanding or sawing, wear a face mask. According to the American Lung Association, dust particles are known to increase the risk of an asthma attack, lung cancer and heart disease. So rush to protect your lungs against harmful particles, by using a disposable dust mask.

Some Don’ts for DIY Plumbing

  • Misemploy plumbing equipment: Always use the tools for the purpose they’re intended.For instance, use diagonal cutting pliers only for removing nails and not for twisting wires. This will not only save your tools from getting damaged, but also protect you from any injury. Moreover, if you’re using a power tool, make sure it’s in good working condition.
  • Neglect the smell of natural gas: If you smell natural gas while doing some repair work, stop right away. Find the main gas valve and shut it off. Now, call the gas company. Do not,in any case, try to handle a gas leak yourself!
  • Neglect the plumbing codes:Before you roll up your sleeves, make sure you’re aware of the building and plumbing code requirements. As a rule of thumb, don’t proceed until you’re absolutely clear about the residential plumbing code in your state. This will only save you from massive legal troubles in the long run.

While undertaking your own plumbing project sounds fun, it’s not without its risks; plumbing work’s best left to the professionals. If you’re looking for plumbers in Hillsboro Beach, FL, get in touch with Your1Plumber.  We are a professional, licensed plumbing service in Florida with expertise in handling all sorts of complex and minor residential plumbing issues.

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