Plumbing Terms to Help You Understand Your Home’s System Better


Industry-specific terms are confusing for those who aren’t a part of it. Plumbing is one such industry. At some point in our life, each and every one of us would have to deal with plumbing repairs. You should understand the lingo for plumbing tools, components, and techniques to better explain to your plumber or understand what they are referring to.

Here are some important ones to know:

Copper pipes

Copper pipes are known to be one of the most reliable ones out there. Copper pipes won’t move from its position but the tubing is easier to maneuver. Copper is rust-resistant, making it much more long-lasting than other materials. The problem faced by copper pipes is that they are prone to corrosion. The corrosion leads to leaks. Copper pipes are safe to use and won’t compromise the quality of drinking water.


This is an important component inside the toilet and it controls the flow of water when you flush. A malfunctioning flapper won’t allow your toilet to flush adequately.


Faucet Screen

The faucet screen is a mesh metal screen. The job of this screen is to trap any small debris in the water in the arm nozzle of the sink pipe. Water hoses in washing machines also use this component to remove bigger pieces of debris to prevent damage to water valves.


A journeyman is a plumber who has ended an apprenticeship but requires further training. More responsibility is given to a journeyman than an apprentice. A journeyman must be licensed for 4-5 years before moving to the master plumber level.

Septic system

The sewage water removal of your home is referred to as the septic system. The system is made up of a septic tank, septic field, and its associated piping. It is important to note that this system is not connected to a municipal or commercial sewer system.

The septic field is a network of pipes that discharge bacterially treated wastewater into the soil for natural decontamination.

Shutoff valve

The shutoff valve stops the flow of water in the pipe. Water meter shutoff valves are underground, located in a cabinet. It requires a quarter turn valve rotation to be activated. Shutoff valves are often situated under the sink for easy access.

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